Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Hello my lovlies, just a quick post to wish you all a very merry christmas. Hope you all have a good time and get everything you want! 
Lots of love and hugs 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

TAG - How much is your face worth?

Hey guys! 
I've seen this tag a lot on the tinternet, and so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon, all be it a bit late. 

^Here is what my everyday make up looks like^
It's in a bit of an odd order? Ah well :) 
I've add pictures individually if there is already some on my blog, and/or to their product page.

1) E.L.F Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder £3.75:
I only use the blush of this, because I prefer a matte contour shade. I lightly sweep it on with a stippling brush, so I can easily build it up if need be.

2) Unbranded Concealer Palette from eBay £5.95:
I use the green shade on red areas of my face and the light yellow shade under my eyes, before applying foundation.

3) Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light £6.49:
I use the brown shade to contour my cheek bones with my stippling brush (which gives a good buildable amount of colour) and in my eye crease. I also occasionally use the highlight shade on my brow bone.

4) E.L.F Complexion Perfection Powder / Tone Correcting Powder £3.75 ish?:
I believe it's been renamed as Tone Correcting Powder? It looks like mine would now be associated as the 'light' shade and it looks like the price is a little different too to what I remember paying for it though, I guess I'll just have to go by their price! I use the yellow shade under my eyes and the green lightly on my chin, any concealer and a wee bit on my forehead.

5) FashionistA Brow Kit £7:
I use the light brown shade on the left with an ELF angled brush. On the odd occasion I'll use the dark brown on the right for the 'tails' of my brows if they are looking particularly sparse and the wax if they are a bit unruley.  

6) MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4:
II tend to use the shade '6' (according to my blogpost here) all over the lid.

7) L'OrĂ©al True Match Foundation in £10.29:
I only use a tiny bit of this mixed with my Revlon Colourstay to make it match better... I was previously using Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation but ran out :( 

8) Revlon Colourstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in  £12.49:
I use this with the other foundation.

9) Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair £4.19:
I use this as both a base and for more coverage where needed.

10) Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer £6.99:
Really in love with this, although I'm so tempted to try the Nivea Hydration Primer though! 

11) Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm Tube £2:
I picked this up in Primark on a whim and I don't think my lips would last without it.

12) NYC High Definition Volume Mascara £3.99:
I wasn't too impressed with this, but the formula got a lot better and less clumpy, however it's gone a bit clumpy again. Luckily I've nearly finished it so I can try a new one. 

13) L'Oreal Superliner £6.49:
I love this and have recently bought my second one, yaaaay.

14) Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner £6.29:
Not quite sure if it's made my eyelashes grow? But it's a nice pencil.

15) 17 Solo Eyeshadow in Ivory Coast £3.89:
I use this to set my concealer from the lid to the brow.  

Now, for the total!
I am very pleased with that! I know I only really use 'drugstore' products, so it shouldn't be that bad anyway, I am very please :) Considering I've seen loads over the £100 mark! 

Hope you enjoyed this tag as much as I did. I tag you all to do it! (although you probably did it months ago!)


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've been such a busy bee :)
This week I've been doing makeup for photos to be made into a calender for a Christmas present :) Don't know if I'll be able to post pictures of it yet! Ehehe.
Last night I went out for Halloween,  I wish I'd got a picture of my whole look, but I think my face is good enough! Ahaha.
I haven't got a good picture of my on my own, but I have of me with my boyfriend and a close up of my 'bullet wound'.

Here is the one with my boyfriend :) I got a lot of funny looks going to the pub like that! Ahaha/

Here is a close up of my 'wound' I used nose and scar wax, my Graftobian 'bruise' colour wheel, 'Noir' from my Au Naturel Sleek palette inside the wound to give more depth, gel blood from Gratobian and home made blood too (unfortunately the graftobian blood didn't dry properly so my hair got all in it in the wind, hence the weird lines!. Sorry the picture isn't the best quality! 

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as I did! 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween Experiment #1

Hello my lovlies, today I have a little Halloweeny experiment, really I was just playing around with make up and I came up with this. I think it would look kinda cool for like a villain or maybe cat women sort of costume :) 

If you want a tutorial on this look let me know! :) 


Monday, 1 October 2012

Autumn EOTD using MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

Hi guys, here is another EOTD. I'm sorry I've not done a proper post for a bit, I'm just not feeling it at the minute! I don't want to write a post and it be totally awful because it's strained. I started this blog for fun, so I want the contents to be fun too! So meanwhile you'll just have to put up with EOTD :P 

For this look I used purely MUA Heaven & Earth palette, even for my brows, aha. I love Autumn, mainly for Halloween but it also means winter is next which means my birthday! Eeeeeeeee.

I'm feeling really inspired for Halloween this year so if you have any tutorials or anything in mind let me know :) 
Until next time! 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Everyday EOTD Using MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

Hello my lovlies! Today I have for you an EOTD.
I tend to wear this everyday, even for work. I used to wear my winged eyeliner everyday, but this is much quicker and softer. Also, if I'm going out in the evening, I can quickly add some darker colours in the outer corner and I'm away! 
I usually use the sponge applicator that comes with the palette when using the Heaven & Earth palette, because I have found it gives a better finish, and it's relatively easy to blend colours into each other with it too. 
If you would like a tutorial or anything let me know! 
(Link to MUA Heaven & Earth Palette review & swatches post here, and my First Impressions post here)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Catrice: Made To Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Metall of Honor

Hello my lovlies! Today I have for you my first swatches and review from the Blogswap with Nina
The one I received is in 050 Metall of Honour, which is one of 6 shades (you can find them here on the Catrice website)
This is a gorgeous shade of bronze with gold flecks of glitter, I seriously love it!
I find this is best applied with my E.L.F Studio Line Concealer brush, and then I tend to pat on a shadow on top. Below I have added some of my BFTE pigments on top, (find my BFTE haul here). The first colour is Metall of Honor on it's own.
From left to right; 1) with out shadow. 2) Grape. 3)Meteor Shower. 4)Beam. 5)Cocoa. 6)Wizards Wand. 7)Errai. 8)Honey. (Bottom row is with flash)

I like how the base changes with different colour overlay. I can't wait to play with it some more. The colour pay off is great, a little goes a real long way, and it has long lasting colour too.
Until next time! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

NYC- High Definition Volume Mascara Mini Review & Photos

"Ultimate lash defining & eye opening mascara with plastic brush for perfect separation.
Immediate long lasting wide eye opening effect. Precise brush perfectly lifts, lengthens, separates lashes for the wide-open eye look." - Superdrug.
Hello my lovlies :) today I have another NYC mascara for you guys (here is the link to the other review). I bought this about 3 weeks ago, along with the other mascara, because this was £1.99 too. As I said in the other post, I don't like paying too much for mascara because they only have a 3 month shelf life before they need chucking. 
Like the other mascara I bought at the same time, this caught my eye because of the brightly coloured packaging, plus it was £1.99 on promotion, I couldn't resist.
The wand is plastic, which I don't tend to go for plastic wands but this is comfortable to use and doesn't irritate my eyes. 
Time for pictures. Do excuse the eyebrows! 
Here is my eye without mascara, all I've done is tightline and curl my lashes.

Here is my eye with one coat. As you can see I find this to be a bit messy, but you can see it's separated the lashes nicely and given a bit of length.

Here is with two coats. The lashes look long, relatively separated and got a nice bit of volume, just like it says on the tin! ;) Admittedly my lashes normally look more separated when using this, probably just having an off day! 

Overall, I like the formulation of the product, the brush doesn't get overloaded with the product so there is less mess and makes it easier to get on with, the price is also a bonus. The only bad point I have is the slight flakiness, which tends to get in my eyes and down my face during the day. It's not overly bad, but it's still quite annoying sometimes.
Will I repurchase? I'm undecided, I don't really appreciate the flaking but for £1.99 it would probably be alright if you're wearing it for a few hours.

It is currently back at the RRP of £3.99 and you can find it here at Superdrug.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Unbranded Neutral Palette Review & Swatches

Hello my lovlies, today I have a palette for you that I bought on ebay aaaaaages ago (find the haul here) and never got round to posting about, woops! I have this in my kit, so I've used it quite a few times now, so I can give you quite a good idea of how they are.

As it is unbranded, it has no colour names, so I've numbered them for your ease.

As you can see, there is a lack of pigmentation in this row accept for 7, which is unfortunate, however, I like to use 1 to blend crease colours.

As you can see again, 8,9,10 have a bit of a lack of pigmentation. 8 & 11 also have a bit of fall out.

Once again 15, 16 aren't very pigmented, which is a pattern in this palette, unfortunately!

This row was a lot better, however 28 isn't the most pigmented black I've used.. 22 suffered with a bit of fall out.

In this palette, there is a good variety of warm, cool, neutral, shimmery, and matte shades, which is good if you're starting out with playing with make up, or are after a cheap back up palette for your kit. I tend to use the light peachy shades as blending colours and colours like 22, or 8 as highlight shades.
The plastic of the palette isn't the strongest, so you need to be careful as to not be chucking it about, although I doubt you would anyway! 
I bought this march / april time, so unfortunately I cannot find the eBay listing anymore, however I do know it was £7.49 (I don't know if that was with or without P&P) and really, they are all much the same. You can find similar listings here.

PS. Please be careful with getting make up online, from places like eBay, and try and steer clear from overseas sellers, as other countries don't have the same rules and regulations as we do in the UK, when it comes to make up. 

 I hope this helped, until next time; 


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

NYC - High Definition Mascara Mini Review and Before & After Photos.

"How high can your lashes take you? With new NYC New York Color High Definition Separating Mascara the sky’s the limit for a knock-down price. It smoothly separates and defines your lashes – without clumping – for a 360° wide open-eye look. So apply, step out and take that elevator all the way up." - Superdrug

Hello my lovlies :) today I have for you the NYC High Definition Mascara in Carbon black.
 I bought this about 3 weeks ago purely because it was advertised at £1.99. I'm one of those people that doesn't like to pay a lot of money for mascara considering it has a 3 month life after opening.
This product caught my eye because of it's brightly coloured yellow packaging, and when I saw it was part of the £1.99 promotion (which is no more I'm afraid!) the temptation was too hard to resist. For £1.99 you can't really say no, can you? 

The wand is plastic and a nice shape. I don't tend to like plastic wands but I don't find this too irritating when I use it. The I do find that the mascara itself is very wet, and I get it absolutely everywhere. I find that when a mascara is a bit wet it tends to thicken up after a couple of weeks, but unfortunately this hasn't. 

Time for before and after pictures, please excuse the bad eyebrow day! 
Here is my eye with no mascara on, however I've tightlined and curled my lashes.

Here is my eye after one coat on top and bottom, however I use barely any product on my bottom lashes because they are really long and they don't really need it. 
As you can see the lashes aren't clumpy, it's not totally separating like the description states, but that's because the formulation is too wet, perhaps I picked up a dodgey one, who knows! 

Here is my eye after two coats, my lashes look a lot more separated and look lovely and long. However you can see the mascara I managed to get on my eye, there is even more on the top of my eyelid, unfortunately. For £1.99 I can't really complain.
I did apply 3 coats just to see how it looked, and believe me, don't do it. It looked so awful I couldn't bare to put it on here, my eye definitely looked a hot mess! 

Overall, the outcome after using 2 coats is pretty brilliant, I like the bright packaging. The only downside I have is, as I said before that I find the product too wet for me personally. I also find that it flakes off during the day, which isn't fun, especially at work when you don't have a mirror readily available.
Will I repurchase? I'm unsure. I don't tend to stay with the same mascara, and although it is good for the price, I'm still not totally convinced that it's the best.

It is currently back to it's retail price of £3.99 and you can find it here at Superdrug.

Until next time;

Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Catrice & Essence Swap With Nina's Bargain Beauty

Nina was ever so kind to agree to do a beauty swap with me after telling her about a Catrice lipstick I had seen that would be perfect for my prom. I sent her over some lush products, as her closest Lush is about 40 miles away (whereas its about 10 minutes away from me, traffic permitting) and she sent me some Catrice and Essence products, as we can't get them here in the UK. We agreed on spending about £20 on each other, excluding postage, and the above picture is what I got. I am so so so grateful to her for doing this with me, it really was fun shopping around in lush trying to find the perfect items for her. 
I am going to do separate posts for everything (as I'm still a little lagged on blog posts at the minute) and will link them on here so it's easier for you! 
Again, thank you Nina for being so fab! 


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Some of My Port 2012.

Hello my lovlies, so so sorry I haven't been around for so long! I've been quite the busy bee, what with passing my driving test, some local photoshoot, birthdays, a new nephew being born! It's all been a bit mad! But I am back, trying to get into the swing of things again.
For now, I have some photo's that I did the make up for. The photographer is someone local to me and a close friend, I find that we work really together! You can find her facebook page here

Hope you like them! I'd love to know what you think xo.

Monday, 4 June 2012

George: Troll Swatch and Mini Review

Hello there, I have another George polish for you! I know as it's all Jubilee mad here in the UK I should probably post something Jubilee related, but I've been at work a lot and have these pictures already done, so it's just easier I'm afraid! However red is still related!

First off, this colour is amaaazing! It's so vampy and sexy eeek. It is such a gorgeous matte shade I think I'm in love with it! It's definitely one of my favourite polishes I own, however in my opinion it looks better on long nails so I'll just have to wait for mine to grow :( 

I though I'd show you how it looks with a top coat. In some aspects it looks just as beautiful, but in my opinion, it looks a lot better matte.

I can't remember how much I paid, but between £1 and £1.75 for 30ml of product is fab!
I cant really comment on wear because it depends on the base coat and whether you use a top coat, but for the price, does it really matter?

You can find this at Asda :)


Friday, 1 June 2012

Freebie Friday 18/5/12 - 31/5/12

Hello :) sorry it's a day late, woops! 

1) Free £10-£15 Benefit Minis
Buy July's Glamour Magazine, there are 3 freebies to choose from; The Porefessional' (pore minimiser) which they say is worth £10, 'That Gal' (face primer) worth £15 and 'Bad Gal' (mascara) worth £10.

2) Free Clearasil facial wipes
To be in for a chance to win, tell them here how you're celebrating the jubilee.

3) Free Shipping Codes & Free Mystery Bag from E.L.F
To celebrate the Jubilee weekend, E.L.F have brought out 3 codes to be used by 6/6/12 at 9:30am.

Offer 1. FREE Shipping: SHIP4ROYALTYUK

Min spend £10/€12


Offer 2. FREE Mystery bag worth min £9.50: JUBILEEBAG

Min spend £15/


Offer 3. 30% off EVERYTHING: CELEBRATE30

Min spend £20/€24

That's all I can find! What are you doing for the jubilee? Would love to hear from you! 


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

George: Movie Star Swatch and Mini Review

Hello there :) I have had this George polish since Christmas, along with another 2 that will be posted within the next couple of weeks. Here is the first one;

This is such a beautiful shade, it's a beigey brown with a purple sheen through it. When swatched you can only really see it in sunlight, it just looks mostly purple without being directly in the sun. I think with the more layers you put on effects the shade too.  It needed about 3 layers to become opaque, however I have a feeling I used 4 for good measure.

I'm not quite sure how much I paid for this polish, I think it was either £1 or £1.75, which is great even if it's 5ml or product. Polishes like this are perfect for people who change their polish up regularly. I'm unsure of how long it lasts, as I think I only wore it a day and then decided I wanted to see how one of the others looked.

Have you tried any George polishes? I'd love to know! 


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BFTE Cosmetics: Haul & Review

Hey guys, today I have for you a haul from BFTE Cosmetics. Firstly I would like to say how amazed I am as to how fast the package arrived, despite them being in America, and me obviously being in the UK, the package was sent the day after I ordered, and got to me in exactly a week, I was so surprised as I thought I'd be waiting about a month! Eeeee.

Here is my haul in total, I bought 5x Red Cherry Lashes, & the 16 sample set with travel case.

Lashes: #66, #102, #106 #218 & #583. There are $2 each, which is amazing! Now onto the best bit, eyeshadows!

In their little travel case :)

Grape;  a medium to dark shimmery purple with glitter.

Peacock; a teal blue shimmer with micro glitter.

Zaniah (Pro Colour); a beautiful hot pink shimmer with micro glitter.

Beam; a beautiful golden yellow shimmer with microglitter.

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom) 
From left to right, Grape, Peacock, Zaniah & Beam.

Wizard's Wand; a dark cool toned brown with golden sparkle.

Errai (Pro Colour); Almost greyish pink with microglitter.

Cocoa; Dark Neutral brown shimmer shade with silver microglitter.

Black with mulitcoloured microglitter.

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom)
From left to right: Wizard's Wand, Errai, Cocoa & Meteor.

Whisper; pale beige with a beautiful blue violet duochrome.

Copper Cauldron: Yellow based brown with shimmer & glitter.

Honey; light golden brown packed with microglitter.

Baked; Taupey shade with glitter & shimmer

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom) 
From left to right: Whisper, Copper Cauldron, Honey & Baked.

Malt; Matte off white, reminds me of a oatmealy sort of colour.

Lace; Ivory with shimmer.

Very Vanilla; Matte ivory colour.

Sunkissed; Warm orangey tan with shimmer.

Natural light (top) and with flash (bottom)
From left to right; Malt, Lace, Very Vanilla, Sunkissed.

I also got 2 complimentary samples, Pumped & Emerald City.

Natural light (top) With flash (bottom).
Pumped (left) & Emerald City (right).

Overall, I am so entirely pleased with my order! Can't wait to have a little play around with the shadows, I've already used some of the lashes, I wore #66 on a night out and the #102's for a shoot on monday, they are amazing! I've never used Red Cherry's before however I'm so glad that I did.
BFTE have over 400 colours, so really, you can't go wrong, I can't wait to purchase more for my kit!

you can find their website here.