Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BFTE Cosmetics: Haul & Review

Hey guys, today I have for you a haul from BFTE Cosmetics. Firstly I would like to say how amazed I am as to how fast the package arrived, despite them being in America, and me obviously being in the UK, the package was sent the day after I ordered, and got to me in exactly a week, I was so surprised as I thought I'd be waiting about a month! Eeeee.

Here is my haul in total, I bought 5x Red Cherry Lashes, & the 16 sample set with travel case.

Lashes: #66, #102, #106 #218 & #583. There are $2 each, which is amazing! Now onto the best bit, eyeshadows!

In their little travel case :)

Grape;  a medium to dark shimmery purple with glitter.

Peacock; a teal blue shimmer with micro glitter.

Zaniah (Pro Colour); a beautiful hot pink shimmer with micro glitter.

Beam; a beautiful golden yellow shimmer with microglitter.

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom) 
From left to right, Grape, Peacock, Zaniah & Beam.

Wizard's Wand; a dark cool toned brown with golden sparkle.

Errai (Pro Colour); Almost greyish pink with microglitter.

Cocoa; Dark Neutral brown shimmer shade with silver microglitter.

Black with mulitcoloured microglitter.

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom)
From left to right: Wizard's Wand, Errai, Cocoa & Meteor.

Whisper; pale beige with a beautiful blue violet duochrome.

Copper Cauldron: Yellow based brown with shimmer & glitter.

Honey; light golden brown packed with microglitter.

Baked; Taupey shade with glitter & shimmer

In natural light (top) and with flash (bottom) 
From left to right: Whisper, Copper Cauldron, Honey & Baked.

Malt; Matte off white, reminds me of a oatmealy sort of colour.

Lace; Ivory with shimmer.

Very Vanilla; Matte ivory colour.

Sunkissed; Warm orangey tan with shimmer.

Natural light (top) and with flash (bottom)
From left to right; Malt, Lace, Very Vanilla, Sunkissed.

I also got 2 complimentary samples, Pumped & Emerald City.

Natural light (top) With flash (bottom).
Pumped (left) & Emerald City (right).

Overall, I am so entirely pleased with my order! Can't wait to have a little play around with the shadows, I've already used some of the lashes, I wore #66 on a night out and the #102's for a shoot on monday, they are amazing! I've never used Red Cherry's before however I'm so glad that I did.
BFTE have over 400 colours, so really, you can't go wrong, I can't wait to purchase more for my kit!

you can find their website here.



  1. :) Wie toll, die Wimpern sehen super aus

    1. thanks! they are beautiful xo.

  2. Wow these are some lovely colours-can't wait to see what you do with them :)

    Tanesha x

    1. eee, thank you, that means so much! xo.

  3. nice eyeshdaows! please check out our blog (just joined yours) and hopefully follow!

    1. Thank you! I've followed your blog xo.