Saturday, 31 December 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette: First Impressions

Hey lovlies, this one of the MUA eyeshadow palettes I received at Christmas, here are a few pics.

 They kind of look like the sleek palettes inside, with the 12 pans inside and same sort of size. 
And here is a close up of the pans in natural light. They are some really beautiful natural shades, great for a good daytime look, or you could use the darker shades for a sexy smokey eye for evening or day! I've only been able to have a little play with this palette so far, but the colours are really impressive with a nice silky texture and great to blend! 
They seem, so far, great value for money!

RRP: £4
Available instore at superdrug, and online on there website here or on MUA's own website here.

You can find my review and swatches of the palette here.
Love love

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sleek's PPQ Palette 'Me, Myself & Eye'

I know, I know, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but when I saw this palette, I knew I had to have it, and so I bought it for myself from someone on ebay, (I'd give you the seller's link but they have none left, it worked out cheaper getting it from them which is a shame!), however my boyfriend gave me the money and said it was from him from christmas ;) 
It's so beautiful!
 Here are the pans, I really really love Lilac Allen, just gotta find a way to wear it!
I find myself mostly wearing 'Nougat' from the Sleek Au Naturel palette with 'Supernova' from this palette in the crease, I'm really into matte looks at the moment, it's a good look! 
 Here is from left to right; Barry White, Black Box, Salt 'n' Peppermint, Fade to Grey, Blue Monday & Supernova.
From left to right; Simply Red, Pink Beret, Primal Green, Chris De Burgundy, Lilac Allen & Golden Silvers.
As you can probably tell, or already know, their names are music puns, which is really clever!
I really do love this palette, hopefully I can put some make up looks for you in the near future.
RRP: £6.49
PPQ Me, Myself & I can be found here on the sleek website.

Sorry for the long break I took from blogging! Had a bit on an unexpected surge in being needed at work so really had no time to blog! But I am back, and bought a few things today ready to swatch and review for you guys!  
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! And if I don't get on here before, an even better new year! 

Love love

Monday, 5 December 2011

E.L.F: Mini Haul & Swatches

E.L.F had another code (it was a mystery gift one which turned out to be the Christmas Make Up Clutch Palette found here) so I took advantage! Here is what I bought;


Here is the Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in 'Bodly Bronzed' really like this colour! & The sharpener pencil lid is also a plus! Really proud of this for it's price! 
RRP: £1.50 each

I got some of the new lip products!

 Here is the Studio Pout Perfector, the box says it's in the colour 'Glow' but you can't get any other colours, so I don't know if they'll be bringing more out! 
Here are the swatches, there's so much glitter! Makes me feel so christmassy! On first impressions though, not too impressed with the applicator, found it a bit hard so it's kind of hard to get an even finish, I'll have a play about though and see if I need a change of technique.
 RRP: £3.50 each

Here is one of the new Studio Glossy Glosses, I had to get my hands on 'Merry Cherry' with Christmas coming up! Yaaaay
 Here are the swatches, really beautiful shade, however there is a bit of a stain left on my arm from it, woops!
RRP: £3.50 each

Here are the Studio Glitter Glosses I purchased, I got Ruby Raspberry (on the left) and Jeweled Jam (on the right)
Sorry for the flash! British weather wasn't on my side today :( so you can't really see the beautiful glitteryness!

The natural light was so awful today you can't see the glitter how annoying! At least you can see with the flash, the Ruby Raspberry (on the left) is much more pigmented than Jeweled Jam (on the right) but Jewelled Jam has yellow, purple and pinky glitter which is so beautiful! Whereas Ruby Raspberry only has pink glitter, which is more wearable :)

This is the best picture I could take! It definitely reminds me of the J2O Glitterberrys!
So much beautiful glitter! 
RRP: £3.50 each
Here are the lip glosses all together 
Again apologies for the picture not being the best! :( The Pout Perfector has more product than the glossy and glitter glosses, but they fit in your hand bag perfectly & have an amazing vanilla scent! £3.50 is so cheap you might as well try some of them out! 

Want me to do a proper review on these? Let me know! 
Until next time, love love