Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NYX: Jumbo Eye Pencils in Black Bean & French Fries Mini Review & Swatches

Hello my lovlies :) 
Today I have for you a little review & swatch post of the NYX Jumbo Pencils in French Fries and  Black Bean.

The other day and friend and I took a random trip to the Chatham Dockside Outlet place and they had a couple of discount makeup shops, one of which had NYX. It was so exciting as I've been wanting to try the brand for aaaaaages! I was dying to find Milk to no avail, so I settled for Black Bean and French Fries, just to try out a couple for now.

601 Black Bean
A deep deep matte black colour (swatch down below) it's thick yet creamy and a great base for dark smokey eyes, it's fabulously pigmented. I love using this to tightline, I find it so much easier using this despite it being huge! 

609 French Fries
This is a bronzey-brown shade with slight gold shimmer particles. I'm in love with this as a base! Again a thick yet creamy consistency. I've been heavily into wearing brown/gold shades to accentuate my eyes so this is indeed perfect.

French Fries on the left and Black Bean on the right.
This is just with one swipe, so pigmented it's madness!
Set with an eyeshadow these last for absolutely ages, yet on their own they do have a tendency to crease after a while. I would highly recommend the pencils, even at full price, I can see these lasting a very long time.
These have a RRP of £4.50, however I paid something like £1.50/£1.90 at the discount shop! Such a good saving! Admittedly, there isn't a wide range of colours, but for a few staples in your collection it's certainly worth a look in there.

I've just realised out of all the colours I could have chosen I've picked the ones with food related names! Typical! Aha.
Until next time! 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Bronzed Birthday Look

Hello my lovlies! 
Today I have for you another tutorial. I've been playing around again and as I said I'd show you my birthday make up I thought I'd do it as a tutorial, just to as a little practice.

This time I've also added a little product list, too.
I know it's a pretty simple look, but you could easily make it more dramatic by adding black into the crease to deepen the colours. 
I'd really love to know what you think! 
Until next time,

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My 19th Birthday.

Hello my lovlies! 
Today is my birthday, so I've taken some pictures throughout the day to share with you.
I spent the day with my Mum, Dad, Grandpa, and my boyfriend. It's been a really fab day, don't want it to end! :( 
Here is me and my dad. Awful double chins going on there! Woops, aha. :)

Jake & I.  :)

My amazing cake Jake made me! So proud of him for making it with a little bit of help from his Aunt. He did a fab job for his first time! 

The cake was really thick! Delicious too. :) 

Pirate candles! Jake knows me too well :D

It's moustache o'clock! One of my presents from Jake! Love this so much! 

Today has been a really fab day. We're going out with some friends on friday night to celebrate :) then picking up the new car saturday! 
I'll take lots of pictures to show you, and I'll make sure to do a make up and/ hair post!

Hope you're all having a lovely day :)


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Easy Sunday: Planning My Birthday Outfit!

Hello there my lovlies!
Soooo it's my birthday this week (woop!) so I've been planning my birthday outfit.

This dress is from Primark, it was £13 (I'm getting it as something to open on my birthday day. I love the colour! I think it compliments my pale skin :)

Here is a close up of the pretty pattern :)

These shoes are aamaaaazing. So comfortable! They were about £18 (here) on eBay, such a bargain considering I've seen similar shoes on Misguided for about £30! They don't feel like bad quality, so I'm pretty pleased! 

Time for the picture, sorry it's a bit awkward! My mum and dad's room has much better natural light than mine.

I'm wearing the Super Cosy tights from Primark, they are actually really warm! The are fleece lined, and feel amazing on. 

I *should* be posting a picture of my planned hair and make up for my birthday shinanigans, however this week is awfully busy! We're / I'm getting a new car (Double woop!) and my Grandpa is coming to stay from my actual birthday day, until he wants to go home, I'm sure I'll be able to fit it in somewhere though!  

Until next time! 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

GOSH: 549 Holographic Hero (Re-Release) Mini Review & Swatches

Hello my lovlies! 
I'm sorry I didn't post another Valentines post so have this instead ;) 
I have had the polish in my bag for a couple of months and kept forgetting to take pictures, but I finally did it! 
This polish is the re-released version of GOSH's Holographic which is/was going for quite a bit on eBay. 
I never had the original polish, so I can't compare it, but I'll tell you what I think of it anyway.

As you can see in the bottle, this polish is stunning! It really is stunning. When I saw this in Superdrug there was no way I couldn't buy it, and I am so glad I did.
As the lid states, it's a 'one night' polish, and it really is. When I rediscovered it in my bag last night I swatched it, and even though it was completely dry it chipped in next to no time, however I re-did my nails this morning using a base & top coat, it has lasted so much better. And it doesn't really take too much away from it.
It's also got a very wet consistency, needing about 4 good layers to become fully opaque. I also found that if I didn't have a good amount of it on the brush, it was start taking away the previous layer? I don't know if anyone else found that?
It's no big issue though, a small price to pay for such a beauty! 

This is with 4 good layers of polish. See how stunning it is?! It actually blows my mind!.

For about £5 this polish is totally worth it. Has to be one of my favourite polishes in my collection. It reminds me of unicorns and I love unicorns. ;) 

It was £4.99 in Superdrug. I can't find it on their website :( I'm unsure if you can still get it, but if you see if when you mooching about in there, definitely pick it up! 

Until next time 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Valentines Sultry Smokey Eye

Hello my lovlies! 
Today I have spent absolutely aaaages doing this tutorial, I hope you all think it's worth it! 
I thought I'd try something new and do a proper picture tutorial, so here it is! 

Let me know if you prefer tutorials like this? Also! I've changed the blog's name to it's url name, I thought it would make it a little easier for people.

I'm going to try and do another Valentines tutorial for wednesday, let me know if you'd like it in this layout or me just typing through it.
Until next time.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Soap & Glory: Best Of All Indulgence Kit

Hello my lovlies :)
Today I have yet another post I should of done at the end of last year, but I did want to wait to do a lot of posts until I got a new camera. So here is my first post with pictures taken on my new camera! I still have a few posts I need to do with photos I've taken before, plus I'm still getting used to the new camera, but I am getting there! 

Back in December I took advantage of Boots offering the 'Best Of All' Bag for something like£27 instead of the original price of £60. Such a bargain! I know they had one the year before, for less? But £27 is not a bad price at all. I'm pretty sure this has been blogged about loads, but one more can't hurt! 

The nice bag this will come in handy when I go to Malta in May, as it's just the right size for hand luggage.

All the products that came in it, including a little voucher booklet, that I keep forgetting about!
I am always forgetting to moisturise my skin, when really it does need it as it does become quite dry, particularly on the tops of my arms, hopefully I'll remember to use it more. It really is a huge bottle it's going to last me forever! 

I'm just about running out of my current shower gel, so that was a result! Again this is a huge bottle, this is going to last me absolutely ages.

One of the main this I was excited to try, I've seen about that it works a bit better as a mask, so we'll have to see.

I have seen this a lot on the interweb, so I'm rather excited to try this. It smells of limes, amazing :) 
I think this will be good for the dry patches on my arms and maybe my legs too. I've got high expectations for this! 

Doing a job where I'm on my feet with barely any movement for quite a while plays havoc with my feet, this will hopefully give them the tlc they need. :) 

At work I'm always washing my hands and wearing gloves which really dries my hands out, so this should be rather handy! (get it? haha.)

I wish my lips looked a little bit fuller, so this should hopefully help make them look a little nicer. 

I've used this mascara before when I got on in a magazine sometime last year. For some reason I like it a lot more this time around. I don't know if they've changed the formula or I just got a dodgey one last time, but this really is a little gem.

I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to go about reviewing these, but I will link them here anyway. I've only ever tried the 'Thick & Fast' Mascara from the entire Soap & Glory range so it's all rather exciting! 

Until next time,

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Easy Sunday: 25 Facts TAG

This tag isn't really beauty related so I've decided to add it to my easy sunday series :) I got the tag from over at Painted Pots, you can read her tag posts here.

Pretty picture from
1. I had to start it with this, I'm 19 in 17 days! Wooop! 
2. My boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 years tomorrow, that is actual madness! But fab at the same time. He's my bestfriend, I don't know what I'd do without him! 
3. My dogs are my world, I love them so much I just can't explain. They are my fur babies. 
4. Taking my driving lesssons were probably the hardest thing ever. I dreaded them, I'd get so agitated it was awful. When I changed driving instructor after my first test, they weren't so bad, and I passed on my 3rd go. Looking back now, learning to drive was probably one of the best things I've done for myself. If you are worried about learning, you really shouldn't be! Just make sure you are with an instructor you feel comfortable with. :)
5. I'm a self confessed hoarder. I especially like to keep boxes, bubble wrap and jiffy bags, which my parents often tell me that there is no use for, but then use my stash of them anyway! I also hate throwing away receipts.
6. Despite being nearly 19, I have 19 nieces and nephews, and 7 great nieces and nephews, plus one on the way. I regrettably haven't met all of the great nieces and nephews some of them live in Wales :(
7. (Related to 6) I have such a big family because my parents are a lot older than average for someone of my age (I am in the youngest in my family, and all of my brothers and sisters are from my parents' other marriages). My dad is 72 this year and my mum has just turned 61. However they don't really seem that old to me; when I was younger people always used to ask me 'was that your grandad that brought you to school?' it was quite upsetting then, but now it doesn't really bother me.
8. My first cuddly toy was a massive lion called Leo, I still have him now :)
9. I have never broken a bone.
10. I'm pretty over emotional, I cry so easily it's actually quite embarrassing  programmes on the telly, films, and seeing people cry are what set me off the most.
11.  I reallllly really really want to go to Disney Land so much, it's so annoying how expensive it is! 
12. Me and laptops do not mix, I don't know why it's not like I'm heavy handed or anything but I just slowly kill them, somehow! 
13. I'm a bit of a bookworm, at the moment I'm reading Da Vinci Code. It is such an amazing read! If you haven't read it, you must! Go go go! My favourite genre is Crime / Thriller though :).
14. I am obsessed with The Sims. I have collected so many of them through the years I've easily spent £££'s.  I can't help it though I just love it! 
15. My favourite dinner is Lasagne, especially home made, it's the bestest.
16. I procrastinate so much I actually annoy myself, I can't help it, I just put stuff off all the time, and then rush to do it after, which isn't a great thing when trying to write a blog.
17. I always say things wrong which causes people to laugh at me, but to me they sound right! People often say 'You're such a blonde' but I think I'm quite clever! My latest 'funny quote' was asking my dad; "Dad, do you think I'm a rather tall short person? Because I'm not the shortest short person, so I am quite tall then aren't I?" He just laughed at me :( but being about 5"3 I think that I am quite a tall short person! 
18. My legs are annoyingly short, I have to wear 'petite' trousers and midi-length dresses come to my ankles! It's so annoying when trying to buy clothes, petite clothing is quite often a bit more expensive too :( 
19. I have an addictive personality, I go through phases of being addicted to something then about a month later I move onto something else, I get obsessed over things just as easy too.
20. I share my mums car, which is a Vauxhall Agila. He is called Rolf (I named him :D) I love him lots even if he is a bit of an old people car, he's nice and roomy. I often sing to him when driving on my own :)
21. My favourite all time film is Neverending Story II. It is the besssst. I also love ELF, the Scary Movies, and the Toy Stories. 
22. Despite having, what I think is one of the most known names ever, people always get it wrong?! I get Marie, Maria, Marry?! It's so annoying! 
23.  My favourite author of all time is Beverly Barton. I was so sad when she died :( she was truly talented. If you ever see one of her crime books you must read them!
24. We used to keep chickens, they were ex-battery hens that got rescued. They were so beautiful once they got their feathers back and rather quite affectionate! If you have the ability to give a home to some, then you really should. Just make sure you close their coop door so the foxes don't get them! :( 
25. My blog is 3 years old this year, but I've put the most effort into it for about a year now, and so really it's only about a year old, in my mind. :) 

Max & Milo, Me & Jake at prom, and Mimi and Milo :) 

I hope you found this interesting, it was quite hard to write though! I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.
Until next time