Sunday, 10 February 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Valentines Sultry Smokey Eye

Hello my lovlies! 
Today I have spent absolutely aaaages doing this tutorial, I hope you all think it's worth it! 
I thought I'd try something new and do a proper picture tutorial, so here it is! 

Let me know if you prefer tutorials like this? Also! I've changed the blog's name to it's url name, I thought it would make it a little easier for people.

I'm going to try and do another Valentines tutorial for wednesday, let me know if you'd like it in this layout or me just typing through it.
Until next time.


  1. this smokey eye look is gorgeous! i really love this kind of layout cos its easy to follow :)

    maybe down the bottom you could list the products and eyeshadows you used?

    cant wait to try this for myself! great post

    ♥ M & L

    1. Thank you :) I'll remember that for next time, thank you so much! xo.