Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Barry M: 337 Pink Silver Glitter Swatches & Review

Hello my lovlies! 
I am back off of my holiday and off of 'holiday mode'! 
Today I have for you a swatch and review of one of the Barry M Glitter polishes in 'Pink Silver Glitter'

First off, this is my favourite polish I've bought this year. Hands down. It is stunning. It's full little  silver and light and dark pink microglitters, it's so beautiful to look at. It's so dense, too heavy for a topcoat but needs 3 coats to make it fully opaque. It goes on beautifully smooth, and dry rather quickly. 
It's just gorgeous. It's beautiful enough to wear on a special occasion, yet sort of subtle enough to wear everyday. I loved wearing this on holiday and it lasted pretty darn well (a good six days if not more!) with a base and top coat. It only started chipping after I'd been in the pool, and jacuzzi. 
Although you have to remember to use thin coats, I used much too much base & topcoat and this polish and it just peeled off within 3 days. However, I think this also may be to do with my moisturising hand wash?

Look at it! This photo doesn't nearly do it justice. Go and look at it for yourselves, it looks just like the bottle. So pretty!

The different coloured glitters gives such a beautiful effect! I think this is going to be a firm favourite for the summer, if we ever get one! 
Available from Superdrug and Boots for £2.99! Which is a bargain.
There's a 3 for 2 going on at Superdrug so go go go! 

Until next time

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April Favourites 2013

Hello my lovlies! 
Today I have for you my first monthly favourites post! I don't wuite now I'm going to get on with these as I don't tend to switch up products that often! But let's see :) 


Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush
I got this product in the best of all bag back in December (find previous post here). It smells citrusy and sort of nostalgic because, it reminds me of cleaning products from when I used to go with my dad's friend and her daughter to help (or hinder!) clean a sort of local clubhouse called the Pavilion (it's a football place but has a bar and a party hall and a huuuuge field for the footballness and a little playground) of a weekend. It reminds me of sitting on the kitchen work surface eating fresh sandwiches from the bakery nearby, polishing tables and Whitney Houston. Sounds strange I know! 
Back to the product ;) it's good for my dry patches on my arm as it's not too gritty feeling. I just love it. I never want it to end!

Bed Head: Some Like It Hot
I have been using this for about a year now I think? And I've got about 1/6th left, in need of some more! As it's a heat protectant serum I sort of feel like it does more, although I still spray in heat protectants too! With my hair freshley washed, I split my hair into two and apply about 3 pumps to each side, concentrating most of it on the bottom of my hair. Then with the left over product on my hands I lightly wipe it over the top of my hair. It's for humidity as well as heat so I find it's good against my sometimes frizzy ends. I also apply the tinniest amount to my ends if my hair is a bit dry/mad looking to calm it down. :)

Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast
Rimmel: Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara
I have put these together as they both compliment each other.
I like to apply one light coat of the Thick and Fast, then the Scandaleyes for length and then the Thick and Fast again because, it sort of wipes the excess product off my lashes. Loved this mascara combo since I bought the Scandaleyes for £5 in Wilkinsons! Although I think it is a bit crumbly off of my lashes sometimes, maybe due to the humidity at the minute? 

Nivea: Milk & Honey Lip Care
Revlon: Strawberry Shortcake Colourburst Lip Butter
I have put these together because, I use the Nivea lipbalm everyday to ensure my lips are soft regardless if I'm wearing a lip product or not. 
I wore Strawberry Shortcake almost every day during April until I bought my MUA Power Pouts. I still reach for it when I want a light wash of colour, as I prefer to use this sparingly. :) 

Tresemme: Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment.
I use this every time I wash my hair, by applying about a 50p sized amount and applying it to the lengths of my hair. I'm pretty sure I'm seeing an improvement, it makes my hair feel soft and gives it a nice healthy shine. 

So that's the end of my first favourites post! I hope I did alright. This time next week I'll be in Malta! And so I'll be writing a few posts in advance to go up whilst I'm away.
It feels good to be blogging again! Just hope I can get as much done as I'd like! I still need to pack the majority of my clothes, and buy a new purse, plus I go to my cousins this weekend, pressure! 

Let me know if you want me to do any holiday related posts? 
Until next time 

Friday, 3 May 2013

MUA: Mini Haul

Hello my lovlies :)
Today I have for you a tiny MUA haul.
I mainly put in this purchase because I wanted to try out their new Power Pouts and Undress Me Too palette but then I couldn't have it on £9 because I dislike odd numbers so I decided to try the eyebrow pencil too.
I have been eyeing up this palette for a little while as it's been described as a dupe for the Naked 2 palette, and I haven't had the guts to splurge on that yet. I paid £3 for this however I think it's £4 in store.

I have been wanting to get my mitts of these for agggges as I don't want to splurge on the Clinique Chubby sticks that seem to be similar. I wanted to buy all of them but I limitted myself to two to see how I get on with them. These are £3 each.

I've been looking for a nice shade of blonde for my brows as a lot are too dark. I've had a few tries with this so I *should* have a review and swatch post for you soon. This is £1.

You can buy MUA on their website and in/online at Superdrug.
I ordered on the MUA website and I must admit, the delivery was pretty slow, and I mainly put the order in so I could get the Power Pouts before they were in the shop... I don't think it worked out that way though :/ never mind.

Until next time