Monday, 23 August 2010

Lush: Think Pink Review

 Hey guys!
Here is my review on the Think Pink Ballistic by Lush :)
Some piccies:
When I'd put it in about a minute I suppose?
I was amazed at how quickly the colour spread, and as you'll see it was a very bright colour, not like a diluted pink or anything :)
All the colour had spread, and there's a little white daisy at the bottom (what looks like popcorn, lol!)
I was impressed with the strength of the smell, it was really strong! And I had a nice surprise with these:

Little heart confetti! And they didn't melt or anything! In fact I had to wash them all out of my bath after! Hehe :)
- The colour was very strong, and didn't look diluted (unlike the pictures portray it)
- It smelt beautiful and made the bathroom smell amazzzzing, and my skin!
-The little surprise of heart bath confetti! I don't know if I knew about it and forgot or just didn't know about it, lol!
- The little daisy floating on the bath water (although I kinda killed it because it folded up so I tried to unfold it and it like disintegrated :/)
- I don't really know why, but as soon as I put this ballistic in, it instantly made me feel on top of the world. I wasn't in a bad mood or anything but it just filled me with excitement, so that is a rather big pro for me :D
-Price was definitely attractive!
- The colour wasn't exactly thick, if that makes sense? I think it would of looked better if it made the water a little more cremey (although, this sorta happened when I washed my hair etc)
- It left a pink rim around my bath, which I had to clean, (but it was so worth it!)

All in all, I think this is a must buy! I would definitely buy more if my Lush wasn't closed for refurb! -sob-
My bath was relaxing, and I just spent ages staring at my toes LOL! I really did love this, and it's comes close to the Ma Bar bubble bar!
It was girly (I'm not exactly the most girly person) but I still enjoyed it and it made me feel genuinely happy, I'm so glad that I bought it. So I think you should all toooooo! GOGOGOGOGO.

Think Pink Ballistic: £2.30
And you can find it here.
I hope you all liked this post, I wrote it mainly because;
1. I need to take my mind off of my appalling results that I'll be receiving tomorrow
2. I havn't posted anything proper in a while.
So I hope you enjoyed it, and I would lurrrrrrrve feedback pleasems.
Love love xo.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hey :)

Hey guys,
I havn't blogged for a week, sorry, hehe. I was just wondering, what you'd like to see?
Give me suggestions please, and I'll try my best to carry them out :)
Love love xo

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

GOSH quattro swatches

 This is grand passion
It comes out like this, there is the orangey sort of shade at the end, but you can't really see it
I like this pallette, it reminds me of ice cream :D

And here is Aquarius:

This is how it comes out :)
My boyfriend chose this... I don't really know if it'll look okay on me but I'll give it a go!

They are highly pigmented and feel sorta velvety :)

I hope you found these helpful!
GOSH is currently 3 for 2 in superdrug. You can found it here.
Thanks for checking my blog out. Do you want any more make up swatches?
Or would you like me to show you a look with these pallettes? Let me know
Love love xo.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Manglaze swatches

Hello :)
I have tested out my Manglaze nail varnish's on my friend Ashleigh, here you go!
#matteismurder 2 coats, no top coat.
You can sorta see the matte effect, however in sunlight, you can see the fine glitter

collection 2000 hot looks in parma violets and 1 coat of manglaze hot mess over the top.
You can't really see the matte effect

1 coat of colletion 2000 hot mess in parma violets and 2 coats of manglaze hot mess.
(there is still a hint of purple but this camera doesm't show it)

You can't really see the matte effect in this either :/

The quality of these swatches isn't great, it was a bit of a rush job but I hope you don't mind and still find them acceptable.

You can find Manglaze here
Do you have any swatches in mind? Did these help you at all?

Thanks for the feedback.
Love love xo.

Splatter nail art tutorial :)

Afternooon :)
As I have terrible hands and nails, I borrowed my friend Ashleigh for a few hours, here is the result:

(I forgot to take a pic of just the base coats tehehe, so this is number one)
1.Paint your nails black, all but your ring finger, and paint your ring finger one of the colours you're going to use for the splatters. Then, using a small thin straw, dab it into the yellow, the blow out of the other end. Do this on all of the black nails. (This is very messy, so make sure you have something protecting your surface)
2. Using the colour you used on the ring finger, (using a new straw or clean the old one) blow that onto all the black nails.

3. Using the black you painted the black nails with, blow that onto your ring fingers. And ET VOILA! Done, but you'll probably get polish everywhere like it did so clean that all up too. OH and using a cocktail stick you can add little blobs here and there where you think it should be :)
I got the idea from here but I changed the pink to green.
I don't think you need any nail polish in particular, just make sure it's quite runny. Also, it takes a while to get the hang of it, just be patient :)

Do you like it? Let me know, and if you want any more similar tuts. :)
Love love xo.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Hey guys!
My Manglaze arrived today! I was so excited.
Here they are! My #matteismurder and hot mess :D
They have literally just arrived, so I don't have any swatches or reviews just yet, but I'll be painting my friends nails tomorrow hopefully (she has beautiful hands and nails! Mine are yucky :/ )
I have painted my nails with the #matteismurder though, and my nails feel beautttttiful.
Loveeeeeeee it already! Eeeeeee.
Well, I'm off to do some shopping, so stay tuned peeps :)
Love love xo.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hey peeps :)

How are you all?
I'd just like to tell you about this girl called Miss Kei Kei.
She has an amaaaaazing blog that really puts mine to shame :(
She has this giveaway going on that I'm entering as we speak :)
So get on over there and enter peeeps!
Love love xo.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Lush: Ma Bar Review

Hey, I've just got out of the bath, after trying out the Ma Bar bubble bar from Lush. I only used a bout 1/2 or 1/3 of both the bar and the little sugar cube. And I had to admit, that is the best bath I have ever had (except for the daddy long legs on the ceiling crawling towards me, eek!)
The bath water was so silky.. Sooooo unlike the bath water we usually have, as I live in a hard water area, and even bubble bath doesn't seem to tackle it.. and look at the amount of bubbles! That's with using barely any of the bar, it was really suprising!

- The smell of the bath water was like, chocolate toffee, it was faint, but that was probably because I used little of the product.
-The amount of bubbles, imagine how it would of been if I had put the whole thing in, lol! It would be like bubble works at chessington :D . As I didn't take this picture in the bath (that would be a tad weird) it doesn't really show the proper amount of bubbles like it would if you were actually in it, I don't know if that makes sense or not, lol!
-It has left my skin feeling amazingly smooth and touchable and smelling beautiful.

-The bath water is a bit of a yucky colour as you can see, I didn't really get put off by it, but I could imagine some people might.
- You really have to crumble up the bar, other wise it doesn't really dissolve properly and you get sort of sludgy bits in the bottom of the bath, although if you swish it around, they do dissolve properly :)

So, to me, it is one of the best bath products I have ever tried, I can't wait to use the other half, hehe. Even if there are cons, they are rather feeble ones. I really did love this bath, I can't stress it enough, although dad thought it looked like mud, lol! However, you really must try it out. The scent lingers on your skin and it smells beautiful. It's also worth while knowing that you don't really have to use it all in one go, so it lasts. :)

Did you like this review? Want me to do reviews on anything in particular? Let me know
Thanks for the feedback :)

Click here to see the Ma Bar in the Lush online store


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lush :)

Hey everyone, I went to Bluewater yesterday, and went on a bit of a shopping spree. But the main thing I want to talk about it what I bought from Lush. They smell amazing, I can't believe I havn't bought anything from there before, I always thought it smelt a bit weird in there, but popped in there a few times mainly to poke things, heheh.
Anyway, I got some bath stuff, not that I really have baths anymore as I go through fazes of having baths all the time, then showers, then back to baths, etc. I never really have a mix of the two. Am I odd? Lol. Oh dear, I'm going off the point. I bought bath stuff so I could get back in to baths again :)
1. Ma Bar (bubble bar)
RRP: £2.45
This smells just like a chocolate bar, lol, I can't really describe it anyway, plus I was really tempted to eat it, I don't know if that's a good thing, hehe. This was initially produced for Mother's Day, but it was too popular to be stopped. I however, am not a mother, but who cares? I can't wait to try it out! It's got cocoa powder in it which it says is rich in an antioxidant, so it should be goooood.
2. Ickle Baby Bot (Ballistic)
RRP:  £1.75
I bought this because I thought it looked really cute, it is intended for children but I like robots too! Hehe :) It's got Lavender oil and Chamomile blue oil in it. I havn't been sleeping that well recently, so hopefully it'll help. Plus, the price is too tempting to resist :D
3. Think Pink (Ballistic)
RRP: £2.30
I was attracted to this because of the flowers, however I've lost one and a half of them, lol! I don't mind though, it smells sweet, and has Neroli oil, Sweet Vanilla, and Tonka. It apparantly makes the bath water pink, and fills the room with fragrance. Also, the website says that the Tonka smell stays on the skin for a long time after your bath, I hope this is right, because it smells delightful.

Lush is a great company, because all their products are handmade, are not tested on animals, they only use vegetarian products, and all are fresh and organic fruits and veg, and if they don't use them, they use safe synthetics. Which is really good to know. I also think that he products are well priced, before, I thought they were expensive, but after looking into it all, I have changed my mind.Yay for Lush! <3

I hope you all liked this post. Want me to review these products? Do you want me to post more about my Lush purchases? Have you used and Lush products before?
It would be great to have some feedback. :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rimmel: Colour Mousse in Get Fresh Review

006 Get Fresh :)

I know it been out a while, but oh well, I like it, so I'ma tell everyone why.

- It's a nice creamy texture, you don't need a lot so it lasts ages. I've had this for quite a while now, and I used to use it every day, I still have practically all of it left.
- For me, it lasts more than 8 hours. I've left it on all day and gone to bed with it on (I know, I'm bad) and it's still there in the morning, just like the day before.
- It's not really expensive, considering how long it lasts.
- Goes on easily (but you gotta make sure you don't have too much when applying because it can look cakey)
- The colours are amazing, and a good variety, I only have this one, because I wanted to use it for school etc. However, I would like to try more.
- I think it looks good on me, it doesn't feel too thick or heavy on my eyelids. This particular shade is a pinky nude colour, so you can probably get away with it at school or in the workplace where your supposed to wear minimal make up

- It does look cakey if you have too much on when applying, which is an easy mistake, as after a while, it does feel a bit thicker than before (I noticed this today after not using it for a while)
- From my experiences, you can't really work other like powder eye shadows into it, it's probably obvious why, but I have been able to sometimes, probably depends on how much you're wearing.
- It is glittery, don't get me wrong, I love glitter, but I find it easier to apply this product with my fingers, and therefore, I find glitter all over my fingers and hands.

I think that's about it, here are some photo's of me wearing it, do excuse the hair, I had a full fringe cut and about a month later I decided it was too hot for a full fringe and it didn't really suit me, so I'm trying to grow it out, unfortunately, my hair grows at a snails pace.

-Miss Sporty liquid eyeliner black (don't know the full name, it's rubbed of)
-Natural Collection lash curl mascara black
-Collection 2000 big fake false lash effect mascara black
-Rimmel London colour mousse get fresh
- Barry M kohl pencil black

-Miss Sporty so clear coverstick 01 (light)
-Maybelline New York Dreamy Creamy foundation 04 light porcelain

-Natural Collection juicy lips raspberry ripple

Do you like Rimmel Colour Mousse? What colour(s) do you recommend?

Spare time..

During year 11 (15/16) when I should of been revising, I ended up stayinf after school catching up in art (get the results in 21 days, EEP!)
This is a bit of what I got up to.

this is Nicole, was a bit of a rush job, but I like it :)

this is Nicole again, another bit of a rush job, but once again,
I like it :D

this is Becca, part of my final piece
These were done at home, took two hours in total to do make up, hair and nails,
but I am really proud of them.
(The finalised picture of some of these are on a memory stick somewhere)

What do you think? Do you like them?
I'd love feedback :)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hey everyone

As you can see this is my first blog, just trying to get a feel around all this as it's all really new, please be patient :)