Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rimmel: Colour Mousse in Get Fresh Review

006 Get Fresh :)

I know it been out a while, but oh well, I like it, so I'ma tell everyone why.

- It's a nice creamy texture, you don't need a lot so it lasts ages. I've had this for quite a while now, and I used to use it every day, I still have practically all of it left.
- For me, it lasts more than 8 hours. I've left it on all day and gone to bed with it on (I know, I'm bad) and it's still there in the morning, just like the day before.
- It's not really expensive, considering how long it lasts.
- Goes on easily (but you gotta make sure you don't have too much when applying because it can look cakey)
- The colours are amazing, and a good variety, I only have this one, because I wanted to use it for school etc. However, I would like to try more.
- I think it looks good on me, it doesn't feel too thick or heavy on my eyelids. This particular shade is a pinky nude colour, so you can probably get away with it at school or in the workplace where your supposed to wear minimal make up

- It does look cakey if you have too much on when applying, which is an easy mistake, as after a while, it does feel a bit thicker than before (I noticed this today after not using it for a while)
- From my experiences, you can't really work other like powder eye shadows into it, it's probably obvious why, but I have been able to sometimes, probably depends on how much you're wearing.
- It is glittery, don't get me wrong, I love glitter, but I find it easier to apply this product with my fingers, and therefore, I find glitter all over my fingers and hands.

I think that's about it, here are some photo's of me wearing it, do excuse the hair, I had a full fringe cut and about a month later I decided it was too hot for a full fringe and it didn't really suit me, so I'm trying to grow it out, unfortunately, my hair grows at a snails pace.

-Miss Sporty liquid eyeliner black (don't know the full name, it's rubbed of)
-Natural Collection lash curl mascara black
-Collection 2000 big fake false lash effect mascara black
-Rimmel London colour mousse get fresh
- Barry M kohl pencil black

-Miss Sporty so clear coverstick 01 (light)
-Maybelline New York Dreamy Creamy foundation 04 light porcelain

-Natural Collection juicy lips raspberry ripple

Do you like Rimmel Colour Mousse? What colour(s) do you recommend?

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