Monday, 9 August 2010


Hey guys!
My Manglaze arrived today! I was so excited.
Here they are! My #matteismurder and hot mess :D
They have literally just arrived, so I don't have any swatches or reviews just yet, but I'll be painting my friends nails tomorrow hopefully (she has beautiful hands and nails! Mine are yucky :/ )
I have painted my nails with the #matteismurder though, and my nails feel beautttttiful.
Loveeeeeeee it already! Eeeeeee.
Well, I'm off to do some shopping, so stay tuned peeps :)
Love love xo.


  1. Exciting, exciting! Isn't it crazy how fast it dries?

  2. YES! I painted them and like looked back and they were dry, like amazingly quickly, I love them, they just amaze me so much. I'm so glad that I saw them on your blog! They were well worth the wait :D xo.