Wednesday, 11 August 2010

GOSH quattro swatches

 This is grand passion
It comes out like this, there is the orangey sort of shade at the end, but you can't really see it
I like this pallette, it reminds me of ice cream :D

And here is Aquarius:

This is how it comes out :)
My boyfriend chose this... I don't really know if it'll look okay on me but I'll give it a go!

They are highly pigmented and feel sorta velvety :)

I hope you found these helpful!
GOSH is currently 3 for 2 in superdrug. You can found it here.
Thanks for checking my blog out. Do you want any more make up swatches?
Or would you like me to show you a look with these pallettes? Let me know
Love love xo.


  1. Hi,your blog's really good and I was wondering if you have any ideas of blog posts I could to for mine? I've hit a bit of a creative dry patch x

  2. hehe thanks, um Idk really, reviews? Swatches of like nail varnish or whatever, looks with certain make up sets,
    I hoped that helped :)
    Thanks again xo.

  3. Your welcome, any time :) xo.