Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lush :)

Hey everyone, I went to Bluewater yesterday, and went on a bit of a shopping spree. But the main thing I want to talk about it what I bought from Lush. They smell amazing, I can't believe I havn't bought anything from there before, I always thought it smelt a bit weird in there, but popped in there a few times mainly to poke things, heheh.
Anyway, I got some bath stuff, not that I really have baths anymore as I go through fazes of having baths all the time, then showers, then back to baths, etc. I never really have a mix of the two. Am I odd? Lol. Oh dear, I'm going off the point. I bought bath stuff so I could get back in to baths again :)
1. Ma Bar (bubble bar)
RRP: £2.45
This smells just like a chocolate bar, lol, I can't really describe it anyway, plus I was really tempted to eat it, I don't know if that's a good thing, hehe. This was initially produced for Mother's Day, but it was too popular to be stopped. I however, am not a mother, but who cares? I can't wait to try it out! It's got cocoa powder in it which it says is rich in an antioxidant, so it should be goooood.
2. Ickle Baby Bot (Ballistic)
RRP:  £1.75
I bought this because I thought it looked really cute, it is intended for children but I like robots too! Hehe :) It's got Lavender oil and Chamomile blue oil in it. I havn't been sleeping that well recently, so hopefully it'll help. Plus, the price is too tempting to resist :D
3. Think Pink (Ballistic)
RRP: £2.30
I was attracted to this because of the flowers, however I've lost one and a half of them, lol! I don't mind though, it smells sweet, and has Neroli oil, Sweet Vanilla, and Tonka. It apparantly makes the bath water pink, and fills the room with fragrance. Also, the website says that the Tonka smell stays on the skin for a long time after your bath, I hope this is right, because it smells delightful.

Lush is a great company, because all their products are handmade, are not tested on animals, they only use vegetarian products, and all are fresh and organic fruits and veg, and if they don't use them, they use safe synthetics. Which is really good to know. I also think that he products are well priced, before, I thought they were expensive, but after looking into it all, I have changed my mind.Yay for Lush! <3

I hope you all liked this post. Want me to review these products? Do you want me to post more about my Lush purchases? Have you used and Lush products before?
It would be great to have some feedback. :)


  1. when you've tried the ma bar would you be able to do a review of it please? x

  2. of course! I can try it out next week of the week after,if that's not soon enough, just let me know :) xo.