Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Manglaze swatches

Hello :)
I have tested out my Manglaze nail varnish's on my friend Ashleigh, here you go!
#matteismurder 2 coats, no top coat.
You can sorta see the matte effect, however in sunlight, you can see the fine glitter

collection 2000 hot looks in parma violets and 1 coat of manglaze hot mess over the top.
You can't really see the matte effect

1 coat of colletion 2000 hot mess in parma violets and 2 coats of manglaze hot mess.
(there is still a hint of purple but this camera doesm't show it)

You can't really see the matte effect in this either :/

The quality of these swatches isn't great, it was a bit of a rush job but I hope you don't mind and still find them acceptable.

You can find Manglaze here
Do you have any swatches in mind? Did these help you at all?

Thanks for the feedback.
Love love xo.


  1. Great nail colors! I really love your blog! Come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com

  2. thank you so much! I'll do that :) xo.

  3. they look gorgeous! Love the way they go from matte to shimmery :) xx

  4. Thank you! I love them too, they also come in a little box with some window stickers and little cards, they're cool :) xo.