Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Splatter nail art tutorial :)

Afternooon :)
As I have terrible hands and nails, I borrowed my friend Ashleigh for a few hours, here is the result:

(I forgot to take a pic of just the base coats tehehe, so this is number one)
1.Paint your nails black, all but your ring finger, and paint your ring finger one of the colours you're going to use for the splatters. Then, using a small thin straw, dab it into the yellow, the blow out of the other end. Do this on all of the black nails. (This is very messy, so make sure you have something protecting your surface)
2. Using the colour you used on the ring finger, (using a new straw or clean the old one) blow that onto all the black nails.

3. Using the black you painted the black nails with, blow that onto your ring fingers. And ET VOILA! Done, but you'll probably get polish everywhere like it did so clean that all up too. OH and using a cocktail stick you can add little blobs here and there where you think it should be :)
I got the idea from here but I changed the pink to green.
I don't think you need any nail polish in particular, just make sure it's quite runny. Also, it takes a while to get the hang of it, just be patient :)

Do you like it? Let me know, and if you want any more similar tuts. :)
Love love xo.