Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Catrice: Absolute Eye Colour Palette in 010 This Seasons Must Have

Hello my lovelies! Today I have for you another review/ swatch post from my blog swap with Nina from Nina's Bargain Beauty (see initial post here), from last year.
I have been so delayed with these, however I'm trying really hard not to procrastinate! 
Lets get on with the post.

The four colours in this palette are very spring-like, with an aubergine purple, cool blue/grey with silver shimmer, a pinky shimmery champagne colour, and a satin-like mint green with with a wee bit of shimmer.

All the shades apply quite evenly; the pinky peach shade in particular is my favourite, it blends beautifully, I wear this almost every day for a multitude of looks.
My favourite combination is to wear the pinky peach colour on my lid the purple in my crease, the colours compliment each other really well. 
My lids aren't particularly oily, and I always wear concealer as a base, so I get a nice long wear out of these shades without creasing. If you have oily lids then using a eyeshadow primer will be perfectly fine with these.
Time for swatches! 
Here are my swatches, they are dry without an eyeshadow base. The top image is in daylight, and the bottom is with flash.

These are beautiful, and a great addition to my collection, thank you so much Nina! 
I've still got a few more blog posts from the swap to go.. Woops!  
Until next time,

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Catrice: Intensifeye Wet & Dry Eyeshadows in Vanilla Sky Ride &Charly's Chocolate Factory

Hello my lovlies! 
Here is a post I should of uploaded literally months ago, but never got round to it (Like many others, unfortunately!) However, better late than never, eh? :) 
These are two of the products I received from Nina over at Nina's Bargain Beauty, when we did a product swap. They are the Catrice Intensifeye Wet & Dry Eyeshadows in 030 Vanilla Sky Ride and 020 Charly's Chocolate Factory, which are part of a range of 6 colours in total, all beautiful baked shadows in sturdy clear plastic packaging.

030 Vanilla Sky Ride
Vanilla Sky Ride is a lovely light cream shade with golden veins running through it with added sparkle. It is seriously beautiful! Especially great for highlighting when used dry. You can see from the above pictures that when used wet, them become much more intense in colour. Love it! 
Here are the swatches, dry swatched on the left and wet swatched on the right. Top picture natural light, bottom with flash.

020 Charly's Chocolate Factory

Charly's Chocolate Factory is a deep chocolate brown with goldeny bronze running through it and golden sparkles. I am in love with this colour, it is perfect for brown smokey eyes. Once again when used wet, it becomes more intense becoming a lot deeper in colour.

Here are the swatches, again, dry swatched on the left and wet swatched on the right. Top picture natural light, bottom with flash.

They both have good staying power and are fabulously pigmented, such great products! Thank you Nina. 

You can find them here on the Catrice website, as Catrice is an european brand it isn't available in the UK, however I have found it on the Maquillalia website here.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ELF: 50% off Haul

Hello my lovlies! 
This post is of a haul I did back in december; I in fact did 3 big make up hauls in december for my kit, but I've only just received one of them, so you can expect to see them over the next couple of weeks.
I think this is one of the biggest hauls I have ever done! I really needed to revamp my kit and I'm currently making my own lip palette (hence alllll the lipsticks!)

As you can see I bought all the basic line lipsticks. They are £1.50 each, but I got the for 75p each.
Here are the 2 new-ish Studio Matte Lip Colours. I bought these to join the rest of my collection of them, now they are complete! Yaaaaay. Both are RRP: £3.75 so I ended up paying £3.75 for both.
I bought 2 more Mineral Lippies and lipliners (I have 2 already). Can't wait to swatch these for you.
Mineral Lipsticks are £5 each (I paid £2.50) and the Lip Liners are £3 (I paid £1.50 each)

I bought this Mineral Infused Face Primer to try out. I unfortunately couldn't get a good picture of it in the box so here it is out of the packaging. I've been putting this to the test for a good few weeks, so expect to see a review soon, (hopefully!)
There are RRP at £6 so I paid £3. Bargain! 

These are both repurchases. I don't know what I've done to my eyelash curlers but when I cleaned them they went all dodgey so I've bought a new pair! I love their zit zapper, and it's very rare that it's in stock, as it is a Holy Grail product for many people! I'm going to give this to a friend as I still have a lot of mine left.
Eyelash curlers RRP:  £3.75 I paid: £1.88 ish?
Zit Zapper RRP: £1.50 I paid: 75p

I bought 2 new brushes to try out, The Angled Contour Brush and The Flawless Concealer Brush.
Both are £3.75 so I technically paid for one at full price ;)
All together I paid £30.12 which is an amazing price considering it should of been £60.25! Such a good haul, ehe.
I know the pictures aren't fab, but I have bought a new snazzy camera in the sales, so I will be putting up pretty pictures once I've got the hang of it! I think I'll just post the rest of the pictures/posts that I've already got then I've got more time to mess around with the new camera :) 

Stay tuned for swatches! I'll link them back here once they've been posted.
PS. It's my birthday in exactly a month, woooooo! 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Easy Sunday: A day in the snow!

I got inspired to do a series of easy sunday posts by Makeup Savvy. I thought it would be nice to do a post each week or two of things unrelated to beauty, whether it be baking, fashion, my week of instagram, anything! 

Today, I had a day out in the snow with my boyfriend and his friend, Oli. We had a good long walk for hours, everything looked beautiful, considering we live a stones throw from the M25/A2(Never quite sure which?!). Here are some pictures we took along the way.

The top picture of my boyfriend and I is rather funny! I took the picture just as Oli hit him in the face with a snow ball! Rather proud! Hehe.

Did you have a lot of snow where you are? If so, I hope you went out and enjoyed it! Snow makes everything look beautiful, it's my favourite weather, ever! 

Until next time,

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Catrice: Absolute Eye Colour Mono in 'My Souvenir From Moon'

Hello my lovlies! 
Here is another post from my blogswap with Nina over at Nina Bargain Beauty.
This is the Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow in '120 My Souvenir From Moon', which is a shade from a range of 27 colours. 
Swatches, top: Daylight; bottom: with flash.

This shade is a beautiful taupe colour with silver glitter. This may not be for everyone, I've seen in some places that people found it gritty, but it's perfectly fine to me!
The staying power is great and it doesn't crease on my lids. (I don't use a primer just my Collection 2000 concealer.) I love wearing this with a slightly darker brown in the crease for a daytime-ish smokey eye or smokey it up even more with darker browns/blacks in the crease for a fab night time look! 
Whilst looking on the Catrice website I have now discovered that this shade has been discontinued! That's really unfortunate, as it's a lovely shadow! :(

Until next time 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Nail Polish Collection 2012.

Hello my lovlies :) hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!
My first post of the year is my collection on nail polishes. I bought some nail wheels from ebay (they look much more organised than what I was previously using) so now I can show you :) I had a lot more fun than I thought I would doing these! 

Pinks & Purples.

Nail_Wheel_Collection_PurpleNail_Wheel_Collection_Pink1. Andrea Fulerton - Matthew. 
2. Essence Ballerina Backstage - 02 Wear Your Little Tutu. 
3. NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - Long Time Lavender. 
4. Barry M Nail Paint - 279. 
5. Avon Nail Artist - Varying Violet (w/out topcoat). 
6. Avon Nail Artist - Varying Violet (with topcoat). 
7. Revlon - 375 Passion Fruit.
8. Revlon - Grapefruit Fizz. 9. Models Own - Hot Stuff (Mirrorball Collection). 
10. Models Own - Boogie Nights (Mirrorball Collection). 11. Barry M - 303 Bright Purple. 12. George - 41 Mysterious. 13. Models Own - Purple Blue. 14. George - Twister. 15. Ted Baker Nail That Performance ( No Name). 16. Ted Baker Nail That Performance ( No Name). 17. Avon Nailwear - Romance. 18. E.L.F - Fair Pink.

Browns & Golds.

Nail_Wheel_Collection_BrownNail_Wheel_Collection_Brown_Gold1. E.L.F - Smokey Brown. 
2. Nails Inc - Jermyn Street. 3. E.L.F - Moonlight. 
4. E.L.F Desert Haze. 
5. Rimmel Lycra Pro - 378 Posh Trash. 
6. Ted Baker Nail That Performance ( No Name).   
7-14 (Plain)
15. Ted Baker Nail That Performance ( No Name). 
16. OPI - Holiday Glow. 17. OPI - Shimmery Chic. 18. E.L.F - Golden Goddess.

Blues & Greens.

Nail_Wheel_Collection_BlueNail_Wheel_Collection_Green1. Nails Inc - South Molton Street.
 2. Revlon - 320 Ocean Breeze.
 3. E.L.F Mint Cream.
 4. Barry M - Mint Green. 
5. GOSH - 548 Green Hawaii.
6-13 (Plain)
14. Avon Nailwear Pro - Navy. 
15. Barry M - 292. 16. Barry M - 294 Cyan Blue. 17. Natural Collection - Topaz. 18. Models Own - Indian Ocean.

Black, Grey, Silver & Glitters.

Nail_Wheel_Collection_Grey_SilverNail_Wheel_Collection_Glitters_Silver1. Barry M Nail Effect - 319 Foil Effects.
 2. GOSH - Purple Heart. 3. GOSH - 585 Bright Passion. 4. Manglaze - Matte Is Murder. 
5. Rimmel 60 Seconds - 805 Grey Matter. 
6-12 (Plain)
13. Barry M - 353 Ruby Glitter.
14. Manglaze - Hot Mess. 15. NYC Expert Last - 105 Lights Camera Glitter. 
16. GOSH - 562 Magic Star. 17. Barry M Limited Edition - 151 Silver Glitter. 
18. Leighton Denny - Diamond Diva.

Reds, Oranges & Yellows.
1. George - 59 Troll. 2. Revlon - Watermelon Fizz. 3. Sleek Nailed - 42 Geisha's Steal. 4. OPI - Comet Loves Cupid. 5. OPI - All A-Bordeaux The Sled.
6-9 (Plain)
10. Barry M - 134 Yellow. 11. Revlon - Pineapple Fizz.
12-16 (Plain)
17.E.L.F - Mango Madness. 18. Barry M - 296 Coral.
Do excuse number 16, I painted what I thought was an orange but it ended up being pink, and then I couldn't get it off properly :( 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did painting the nail wheels! 

Until next time,

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lush: 50% Off Haul

My first haul of 2013! Hope you all had a lovely new years and christmas of course :) 
I took full advantage of the 50% off certain items at Lush, here is what I bought!

Cinders Ballistic Bath Bomb
This smells amazing! It's got almond essential oil, sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil in it, as well as popping candy, it smells so christmassy. I bought two of these bad boys!
This was £2.25 

North Pole Soap
Words can't describe how much I love the smell of this soap. The Pink bit smells of After Eight Mints and the White smells of Mint Humbugs. Loveeeee.
This was £5.46 for 168g

Northern Lights Soap 
This soap is truely beautiful. I can't stop looking at it! The scent is pine and lime, which give it a very fresh sort of smell.
 This was £7.87 for 242g

Rocket  Reuseable Bubble Bar
The smell reminds me of Parma Violets, I love it! Can't wait to use it.

Bubblebeard Reuseable Bubble Bar
This is so cute! I wanted it months ago but 
never got round to buying it. (Like with Snow Fairy and then it was too late!) 

All together this should of all come to £27.73, however it was all half price so I got it for £13.85! So proud of this bargain! 
Did you get anything good in the Christmas sales? 
Talk to you soon,

Saturday, 5 January 2013

EOTD: Casual Grey Smokey Eye

Hello my lovlies! Today I have for you a quick EOTD (Not that you can't tell that already!) Today I felt like going for a bit fancier today than my normal winged liner! I hope you like :) I used the Sleek Au Naturel palette for the shaddow colours.

Until next time! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! My New Years Resolutions 2013

Image from of London's New Years Eve Firework Display.

Hope you all had an amazing New Years! We watched the London firework display on the telly and it was absolutely stunning!

This year I'm going to do a resolution post, then I can look back next year and see how well I kept to them, plus I thought it might be interesting for other people! 

1. Blog more: One of my new year resolutions last year was to blog more. In 2011 I blogged 15 times, but in 2012 I blogged 88 times. Not bad going I think! I would like to improve this though.

2. Exercise!: Throughout the year I have put on a little bit of weight, (I got boobs!) But would like to try and loose a bit for my holiday in May. Even if it means I walk the dogs more that will do :) .

3. Drink more water: We all know the health benefits of drinking water! I have drunk more water this year, albeit the flavoured sparkling type! Where I live the tap water tastes chalky and bleurgh. I must drink more! 

4. Be courageous: I tend to do a lot of things that are 'safe' as I hate being out of my comfort zone (who doesn't?) and get panicky. Last year I've done a lot more things I wouldn't of dreamed of doing (I passed my driving test, just! Drove to North Hertfordshire and back 4 times in a week!) I want to progress more :).

5. Be more positive: I'm not the most down hearted of people, I like to see the best in people and situations, but sometimes it's hard to keep that sort of morale. So, I'm going to buy a jar and write down all the good things that have happened, so I can look back and remember them when I'm down. Hopefully this will all aid me in becoming more positive. (I was taught at college that positive things happen to positive people, it's nice to keep it in practice, you don't know what might happen. )

I hope you enjoyed this, I would really love to know what your resolutions are? 

Until next time;