Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! My New Years Resolutions 2013

Image from www.telegraph.co.uk of London's New Years Eve Firework Display.

Hope you all had an amazing New Years! We watched the London firework display on the telly and it was absolutely stunning!

This year I'm going to do a resolution post, then I can look back next year and see how well I kept to them, plus I thought it might be interesting for other people! 

1. Blog more: One of my new year resolutions last year was to blog more. In 2011 I blogged 15 times, but in 2012 I blogged 88 times. Not bad going I think! I would like to improve this though.

2. Exercise!: Throughout the year I have put on a little bit of weight, (I got boobs!) But would like to try and loose a bit for my holiday in May. Even if it means I walk the dogs more that will do :) .

3. Drink more water: We all know the health benefits of drinking water! I have drunk more water this year, albeit the flavoured sparkling type! Where I live the tap water tastes chalky and bleurgh. I must drink more! 

4. Be courageous: I tend to do a lot of things that are 'safe' as I hate being out of my comfort zone (who doesn't?) and get panicky. Last year I've done a lot more things I wouldn't of dreamed of doing (I passed my driving test, just! Drove to North Hertfordshire and back 4 times in a week!) I want to progress more :).

5. Be more positive: I'm not the most down hearted of people, I like to see the best in people and situations, but sometimes it's hard to keep that sort of morale. So, I'm going to buy a jar and write down all the good things that have happened, so I can look back and remember them when I'm down. Hopefully this will all aid me in becoming more positive. (I was taught at college that positive things happen to positive people, it's nice to keep it in practice, you don't know what might happen. )

I hope you enjoyed this, I would really love to know what your resolutions are? 

Until next time;


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