Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ELF: 50% off Haul

Hello my lovlies! 
This post is of a haul I did back in december; I in fact did 3 big make up hauls in december for my kit, but I've only just received one of them, so you can expect to see them over the next couple of weeks.
I think this is one of the biggest hauls I have ever done! I really needed to revamp my kit and I'm currently making my own lip palette (hence alllll the lipsticks!)

As you can see I bought all the basic line lipsticks. They are £1.50 each, but I got the for 75p each.
Here are the 2 new-ish Studio Matte Lip Colours. I bought these to join the rest of my collection of them, now they are complete! Yaaaaay. Both are RRP: £3.75 so I ended up paying £3.75 for both.
I bought 2 more Mineral Lippies and lipliners (I have 2 already). Can't wait to swatch these for you.
Mineral Lipsticks are £5 each (I paid £2.50) and the Lip Liners are £3 (I paid £1.50 each)

I bought this Mineral Infused Face Primer to try out. I unfortunately couldn't get a good picture of it in the box so here it is out of the packaging. I've been putting this to the test for a good few weeks, so expect to see a review soon, (hopefully!)
There are RRP at £6 so I paid £3. Bargain! 

These are both repurchases. I don't know what I've done to my eyelash curlers but when I cleaned them they went all dodgey so I've bought a new pair! I love their zit zapper, and it's very rare that it's in stock, as it is a Holy Grail product for many people! I'm going to give this to a friend as I still have a lot of mine left.
Eyelash curlers RRP:  £3.75 I paid: £1.88 ish?
Zit Zapper RRP: £1.50 I paid: 75p

I bought 2 new brushes to try out, The Angled Contour Brush and The Flawless Concealer Brush.
Both are £3.75 so I technically paid for one at full price ;)
All together I paid £30.12 which is an amazing price considering it should of been £60.25! Such a good haul, ehe.
I know the pictures aren't fab, but I have bought a new snazzy camera in the sales, so I will be putting up pretty pictures once I've got the hang of it! I think I'll just post the rest of the pictures/posts that I've already got then I've got more time to mess around with the new camera :) 

Stay tuned for swatches! I'll link them back here once they've been posted.
PS. It's my birthday in exactly a month, woooooo! 


  1. What a lipstick haul haha!! I really like their lippies so you definitely got a bargain!
    That's an amazing amount of things you got for £30.00!!

  2. Ehe I know! I look obsessed, right? Aha. It will all be revealed soon I promise! I can't believe I got all that for £30, it's mad isn't it?! MUA have a 50% off and free shipping at the minute, too tempted! Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  3. I need to get some ELF, it's so cheap! x

    1. it is! It's so worth it too. Sometimes products can be a little hit and miss, so what I tend to do is look at reviews first. Although as it's so cheap it doesn't matter too much :) Xo.

  4. OMG! So much stufffff :D
    My package is on its way! I love the primer BTW.
    Love, Paula

    1. I know! I went a little over the top :). The primer is lovely! xo.