Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Catrice & Essence Swap With Nina's Bargain Beauty

Nina was ever so kind to agree to do a beauty swap with me after telling her about a Catrice lipstick I had seen that would be perfect for my prom. I sent her over some lush products, as her closest Lush is about 40 miles away (whereas its about 10 minutes away from me, traffic permitting) and she sent me some Catrice and Essence products, as we can't get them here in the UK. We agreed on spending about £20 on each other, excluding postage, and the above picture is what I got. I am so so so grateful to her for doing this with me, it really was fun shopping around in lush trying to find the perfect items for her. 
I am going to do separate posts for everything (as I'm still a little lagged on blog posts at the minute) and will link them on here so it's easier for you! 
Again, thank you Nina for being so fab! 


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