Tuesday, 4 September 2012

NYC - High Definition Mascara Mini Review and Before & After Photos.

"How high can your lashes take you? With new NYC New York Color High Definition Separating Mascara the sky’s the limit for a knock-down price. It smoothly separates and defines your lashes – without clumping – for a 360° wide open-eye look. So apply, step out and take that elevator all the way up." - Superdrug

Hello my lovlies :) today I have for you the NYC High Definition Mascara in Carbon black.
 I bought this about 3 weeks ago purely because it was advertised at £1.99. I'm one of those people that doesn't like to pay a lot of money for mascara considering it has a 3 month life after opening.
This product caught my eye because of it's brightly coloured yellow packaging, and when I saw it was part of the £1.99 promotion (which is no more I'm afraid!) the temptation was too hard to resist. For £1.99 you can't really say no, can you? 

The wand is plastic and a nice shape. I don't tend to like plastic wands but I don't find this too irritating when I use it. The I do find that the mascara itself is very wet, and I get it absolutely everywhere. I find that when a mascara is a bit wet it tends to thicken up after a couple of weeks, but unfortunately this hasn't. 

Time for before and after pictures, please excuse the bad eyebrow day! 
Here is my eye with no mascara on, however I've tightlined and curled my lashes.

Here is my eye after one coat on top and bottom, however I use barely any product on my bottom lashes because they are really long and they don't really need it. 
As you can see the lashes aren't clumpy, it's not totally separating like the description states, but that's because the formulation is too wet, perhaps I picked up a dodgey one, who knows! 

Here is my eye after two coats, my lashes look a lot more separated and look lovely and long. However you can see the mascara I managed to get on my eye, there is even more on the top of my eyelid, unfortunately. For £1.99 I can't really complain.
I did apply 3 coats just to see how it looked, and believe me, don't do it. It looked so awful I couldn't bare to put it on here, my eye definitely looked a hot mess! 

Overall, the outcome after using 2 coats is pretty brilliant, I like the bright packaging. The only downside I have is, as I said before that I find the product too wet for me personally. I also find that it flakes off during the day, which isn't fun, especially at work when you don't have a mirror readily available.
Will I repurchase? I'm unsure. I don't tend to stay with the same mascara, and although it is good for the price, I'm still not totally convinced that it's the best.

It is currently back to it's retail price of £3.99 and you can find it here at Superdrug.

Until next time;

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