Monday, 10 September 2012

NYC- High Definition Volume Mascara Mini Review & Photos

"Ultimate lash defining & eye opening mascara with plastic brush for perfect separation.
Immediate long lasting wide eye opening effect. Precise brush perfectly lifts, lengthens, separates lashes for the wide-open eye look." - Superdrug.
Hello my lovlies :) today I have another NYC mascara for you guys (here is the link to the other review). I bought this about 3 weeks ago, along with the other mascara, because this was £1.99 too. As I said in the other post, I don't like paying too much for mascara because they only have a 3 month shelf life before they need chucking. 
Like the other mascara I bought at the same time, this caught my eye because of the brightly coloured packaging, plus it was £1.99 on promotion, I couldn't resist.
The wand is plastic, which I don't tend to go for plastic wands but this is comfortable to use and doesn't irritate my eyes. 
Time for pictures. Do excuse the eyebrows! 
Here is my eye without mascara, all I've done is tightline and curl my lashes.

Here is my eye with one coat. As you can see I find this to be a bit messy, but you can see it's separated the lashes nicely and given a bit of length.

Here is with two coats. The lashes look long, relatively separated and got a nice bit of volume, just like it says on the tin! ;) Admittedly my lashes normally look more separated when using this, probably just having an off day! 

Overall, I like the formulation of the product, the brush doesn't get overloaded with the product so there is less mess and makes it easier to get on with, the price is also a bonus. The only bad point I have is the slight flakiness, which tends to get in my eyes and down my face during the day. It's not overly bad, but it's still quite annoying sometimes.
Will I repurchase? I'm undecided, I don't really appreciate the flaking but for £1.99 it would probably be alright if you're wearing it for a few hours.

It is currently back at the RRP of £3.99 and you can find it here at Superdrug.

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