Friday, 7 September 2012

Unbranded Neutral Palette Review & Swatches

Hello my lovlies, today I have a palette for you that I bought on ebay aaaaaages ago (find the haul here) and never got round to posting about, woops! I have this in my kit, so I've used it quite a few times now, so I can give you quite a good idea of how they are.

As it is unbranded, it has no colour names, so I've numbered them for your ease.

As you can see, there is a lack of pigmentation in this row accept for 7, which is unfortunate, however, I like to use 1 to blend crease colours.

As you can see again, 8,9,10 have a bit of a lack of pigmentation. 8 & 11 also have a bit of fall out.

Once again 15, 16 aren't very pigmented, which is a pattern in this palette, unfortunately!

This row was a lot better, however 28 isn't the most pigmented black I've used.. 22 suffered with a bit of fall out.

In this palette, there is a good variety of warm, cool, neutral, shimmery, and matte shades, which is good if you're starting out with playing with make up, or are after a cheap back up palette for your kit. I tend to use the light peachy shades as blending colours and colours like 22, or 8 as highlight shades.
The plastic of the palette isn't the strongest, so you need to be careful as to not be chucking it about, although I doubt you would anyway! 
I bought this march / april time, so unfortunately I cannot find the eBay listing anymore, however I do know it was £7.49 (I don't know if that was with or without P&P) and really, they are all much the same. You can find similar listings here.

PS. Please be careful with getting make up online, from places like eBay, and try and steer clear from overseas sellers, as other countries don't have the same rules and regulations as we do in the UK, when it comes to make up. 

 I hope this helped, until next time; 


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