Monday, 27 January 2014

The Fragrance Shop: Discovery Club 5th Edition Box Review

Hello my lovlies! 
Today I have for you a little review of the Discovery club box by the Fragrance shop.
Now this is like one of those monthly beauty box subscriptions but instead you get fragrance samples :)
It's also quarterly (every 3 months) and £5 a time.
I came across this on a blog, but I can't remember who it was! If I rememver I'll link them :)

It comes nicely presented :)

And you also get £5 off vouchers for all the perfumes in the booklet that comes with it.

Inside the 5th edition box is 9 samples of perfume in total, 6 female and 3 male, which are (in order of how they are pictured, descriptions are from The Fragrance Shop website):

Nina Ricci, Nina; 'A magical scent captured inside a glass apple. Nina offers charm and enchantment with a dash of seduction in what is a fresh floral fruity fragrance.'
Givenchy, Very Irr√©sistible; 'A very dynamic sensual fragrance possessing the elegant floral top notes of rose and the exotic daring combination of peony and rose fantasia. A very appealing feminine scent by Givenchy.'
Hugo Boss, Hugo Man; 'Fresh, sharp and extremely masculine, HUGO is about living life on your own terms with a certain irreverence. It is created not for those who go with the trend of the moment, but for those who seek a style of their own. The chunky glass bottled is topped off with a masculine metal topper, capturing a fresh, lively scent.'
Thierry Mugler, Angel; 'Angel, the first fragrance by Thierry Mugler, is a voluptuous oriental gourmand with a truly beautiful bottle resembling dazzling stars cut from a night blue sky.'
Gucci, Gucci Guilty; 'Gucci takes as a catalyst its iconic entwined G’s and brings us a heroine who regards this emblem as an incitement to subvert. For this most contemporary of rebels, Gucci is the brand of sex and power. In Gucci Guilty, this woman discovers the very scent of defiance.'
HUGO BOSS, BOSS BOTTLED; 'A true male iconic fragrance that remains as popular now as its launch in 1994. The juice is fresh and sharp with a warm woody base whilst the bottle offers a sleek, uncomplicated but very masculine look.'
Issey Miyake, L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme; 'Since 1994, L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme has become a hallmark of sophistication in the world of fragrances. It awakens the senses with its blend of citrus, precious woods and spices. The pure, energising scent is perfect for a modern, independent man.'
Jean Paul Gaultier ''Classique''; 'Launched in 1993, Classique has become a true icon in the fragrance world. The supremely seductive oriental floral fragrance pays homage to the beauty of women with its corset inspired design. A sweet and bold EDT.'
Thierry Mugler, Alien; 'Distinctive and mysterious, yet comforting and soft. The EDT conveys passion, sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity with a rich floral woody with a magical trail for a fragrance that is truly out of this world.'

For me, the idea of this is great, having sensitive skin makes me a bit weary of trying new perfumes in case I break out into a rash, so by having a samples I can try new perfumes to see if they suit me, and see how they react with me :)
These are also great for travel as most of them do have them are in like spray things!
I've already got Classique, but I've never tried the rest, I think I'll give the mens samples to the Fiance!
My favourites are probably Alien or Gucci Guilty, or Nina. I am currently writing this in my leopard print onesie I got for Christmas which now has a different perfume practically everywhere! I just like to smell them as I write, haha! I smell like a tarts handbag ;) 
Will I buy this again? I think so! 
Have you tried The Discovery Club before? Or do you own any of these perfumes? I'd love to know! 


  1. Me and my sister are both signed up!

    1. That's so cool! I'd love to know how you get on with it :) It's such a good idea! :) xo.