Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lush: Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon Review

Hello my lovlies :) Today I have a Lush review to share with you, I haven't done one in ages! 

I got this for my birthday, hence the date, I know it's taken me ages to review! I've only been having baths at night so haven't been able to take pictures.

Bubbleroons are supposed to be stuck together.. However mine was not.. Not bothered about it though really as save me breaking it in half. When I used this for my bath I used about a quarter of the product altogether. A little goes a long way!

My bath water had wonderful silky bubbles and smelt amazing! Like a mix between orange and vanilla, yummm.

The bath water was really moisturising, I found I didn't need to moisturise after my bath which was great, my skin felt really soft, and smelt good too!

If you love citrus and vanilla smells, or have rather dry skin this would definitely be great for you, 
I will be repurchasing this for sure, I'm in love!
At £2.95, this product is a steal! You can find it here on their website.

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