Wednesday, 4 April 2012

E.L.F: Mini Haul

Look what arrived! I have another E.L.F haul for you!
I decided to put in an order because they had a free 'Luck of the Irish' gift for St. Paddy's day. 

Here is the box of goodies!

1) Studio Line HD powder. 
This was a repurchase, but it's for my kit this time, not myself. I last bought this when there was an offer on because I thought £6 was a quite a bit compared to the prices of other products on their site, however, I am more than happy to pay full price now because it's last for ever and it's a great silky powder.
RRP: £6

2) Studio Line Eyebrow Kit in Ash
Not quite sure if this will be the right colour. Will definitely do a review on this.
RRP: £3.50

3) Normal line Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara. 
This is another repurchase. My other when started to smell a bit dodgey, and for £1.50 it's a must have.
RRP: £1.50

4) Normal Line Zit Zapper. 
Seen so many great reviews on this when I saw it was stocked I had to try it for myself, can't wait to try it out!
RRP: £1.50

5) Studio Line Powder Brush
Seen so many great reviews on this, going to try this with my liquid foundation.
RRP: £3.50

6) Studio Line Eyeshadow 'C' Brush
This brush is so densely packed of super soft bristles, it's beautiful!
RRP: £3.50

7) Normal Line Blending Eye Brush
Again, the bristles are so soft, for £1.50 you can't really go wrong!
RRP: £1.50

8) Normal Line Crease Brush
A slightly smaller version of the Blending Brush, it's rather cute!
RRP: £1.50

8) Nail Polish in Fire Coral
This was the freebie. Not too disappointing! Don't think I'm going to open this though and keep it for a giveaway or a present.
RRP: £1.50 (but obviously I got it for free)

It all came to £25.45, including delivery, and it got here in super fast time. I love E.L.F so much can't wait to try some of these bad boys out and review them for you! 
Let me know if there's a particular review you are after.


  1. Ooo I'm very jealous! Love the look of the brushes xox

    1. They're great, I'm thinking of doing a review on them :) xo.