Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easy Sunday: Easter 2013 in Hertfordshire

Hello my lovlies!
Hope you're having a wonderful Easter holiday :)
This yes I spent most of it at my sister's in Hertfordshire. 
Jake and I went there yesterday after noon and got home late afternoon today.
I took some pictures as we went bowling yesterday and we took the girls to the park this morning, it was so lovely to see them that it made me miss them even more when we got home.

Here's the pictures from bowling :)
Pic 1: my shoes were really strange and disheveled! 
2: Sneaky picture of Jake and I.
3: A rather blurry picture of the score board, my brother in law and their youngest girl ended up coming joint first! Even though I got two strikes! 
4. Me and the littlest girl, with Jake photobombing! This was before she got me to go on a tiny enclosed simulator thing which was not good for the claustrophobia, aha. The things us aunties do, eh! 
Pic 1: Jake, my sister and I hid the Easter eggs when the girls were in bed. This was too much fun! Jake found some of the most obscure places.. I.e in the door latch bit! 
2 & 3: We did crafts with the girls so I made a one eyed Easter chick and Jake attempted a chick which ended up looking more like an octopus! 
4: Us 4 at the park (Including a random bit of mad hair!) They had us running around the whole time which was pretty good as it was freezing! 

I hope you had as much fun for your Easter Bank holiday as we did, and got lots of chocolate too! 
Until next time

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