Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Easy Sunday/Monday: TV Audience for Jo Brand's Great Wall of Comedy

Hello my lovelies!
Sorry this post is a couple of days late, however I had a rather exciting day yesterday so I thought it would be better to do my 'Easy Sunday' post on that! 

I applied for tickets to be in the audience for 'Jo Brand's Great Wall of Comedy' in about late February, and then thought of nothing of it.
I then got an email on Sunday for a reminder about the show being filmed the next day, I hadn't even seen the ticket email! So I searched through and it turned I had actually got the tickets.
Our Wristbands :)
So yesterday, my dad, mum, Jake and I took a trip to Maidstone Studios, which is about half hour to an hour from my house depending on traffic.
It was all really exciting get directed to car park 3 and then being security checked and being taking into a small-ish tent and getting our wristbands. With these sorts of things it's best to get in early because they allocate tickets to more people in case people don't turn up. We got there half an hour early and we were in the 60's. They had to try and fit 200 people in this tent which was a little close for comfort! 
Inside the little tent thing :)
We then had to wait for about half and hour, and then in number groups we got called out about third, after the people with orange wristbands, and then the 50 and under wristbands, and then us the 60 and under wristbands. This was all rather mad because people were pushing their way when there was absolutely no need to and I got separated from our little group :(

The studio was actually rather small, and we got seated on the far right. When everyone was is the man says about there being a last chance to go to the toilet so then it's all a mad rush, again!

They had a 'warm up man' to chat to us all before the recording started and of course, because Jake decided not to be parted from his beanie he was pointed out and then I had to talk too! Everyone had to say hi to me it was rather fun :D 

When Jo Brand came on she told a few jokes before she sat down on set, and then Barry Cryer, Tony Robinson, Hugh Dennis and Rebecca Front came on, and Tony Robinsons gave out sweets from set to the front row, jealous! 

The recording was a good laugh, and at the end where they had to do a few retakes was even funnier, especially when they had to shoot bits for the advert and Hugh Dennis and Tony Robinson had to wave into separate cameras, and they kept misbehaving! At one point Tony Robinson actually took his trousers down and moonied! I was crying with laughter!

It was a great day out and I would definitely go again. As Maidstone Studios are our closest and it's easy to get to I reaaaally want to go again! 

I applied for tickets here at SRO Audiences, but there are a couple more websites you can apply for tickets at too.

Have you ever been in a TV audience? I'd love to know! 


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