Saturday, 3 March 2012

Revlon: Half of the Fizz collection swatches & brief review

Hiya! :) In Boots they are currently having a 2 for £10 on Revlon on nail and lip products, so I took the opportunity to pick up some the Fizz collection polishes, couldn't pass up the glittery look! Plus the scent! Bonus!

 Grape Fizz: 
My favourite of the four I have, the colour on the nails is a bit more pinky in person. 

This is with 3-4 coats

Appearance: Jelly base with pink, blue and purple reflects. Such a beautiful shade.
Smell: Smells like the grape juice you can buy (I don't know if it's just a UK thing and I can't remember what it's called right now.)? It smells soooo good. 
Grapefruit Fizz: Beautiful bubblegum pink. 3-4 coats.

 Appearance: It has from what I can tell, pink, silver and orangey-ish reflects with a jelly base. A really beautiful shade. I can't wait to wear this for spring. I also think it would look great with a gradient of the Grape Fizz over the top. Can't wait to experiment!
Smell: I wouldn't say it smells like grapefruit.. Sort of smells like sweets for me? But I really can't think what.. I think sort of like them candy necklaces you get? That you like bite off of the string?  I think.

Sorry for the out of focus picture! Woops!
Watermelon Fizz: A coral red. 3-4 coats.

Appearance:  Jelly base with orange, pink and yellow reflects. Such a great shade too, think I'll wear this mostly in summer. 
Smell: This has like an artificial watermelon smell, a really nice one at that though. Again, can't wait to experiment with the colour!

Pineapple Fizz: 
Lemon yellow, 3-4 coats.

 Appearance: Jelly base with yellow reflects. Again, I think I'll wear this more in the summer. My least favourite out of the four because I find it hard to carry off yellow polishes, although I'll probably have to have a little mess around with it.
Smell: It smells more like pineapple flavoured sweets, real yummy! 

Overall, these are really great looking polishes. I like the reflects in them rather than glitter, as it's much easier to remove than gritty glitter and it looks more grown up. I'm really contemplating getting the other four, although they weren't in my local Boots, so I may have to look around, or on eBay.
You can find the 2 for £10 on lip and nail products at Boots here, or 2 for £9.99 on lip and nail  products at Superdrug here.



  1. Oh, I LOVE those scented polishes! I have the blueberry one and the mango one.

    Im having a giveaway, check it out!

    1. They are beautiful aren't they! I also have the passion fruit one and ocean breeze. I'll check out your blog now, thanks :) xo.

  2. Hey:) great post:) I'm thinking of getting the purple grape one! I'm kind of new to blogging and started my own blog about a month ago, I'd appreciate if you could read it? Thank you:) xx

    1. Thank you :) I would really recommend the Grape Fizz one if you only wanted to buy one, however I haven't tried the other four yet! I'll check out your blog now :) xo.

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    Would you like to follow each other? M.

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    1. Thank you! I'll follow you now :) xo.