Monday, 12 March 2012

Carmine Beauty Box: February 2012 *UPDATED*

I've had this box a few days, I just haven't got round to writing a blog post. I'm currently a bit ill so I have time to sit down and get a couple of things done.

I received:

Andrea Fullerton Nail Polish in Matthew;
It's like a peachy nude with pinky shimmer. It's a nice colour but I'm unsure if it suits my skin tone. I also found it a bit streaky even with a few coats.
RRP: £4 I believe, which is good value and I may purchase a few other colours to try.

Japonesque Smudger Brush;
I've been looking for a smudger brush recently but never got round to buying one, so this was a definite plus! I haven't tried the Japonesque brand either and I was very pleased with the quality of this brush. Definitely considering buying a few other brushes from this brand. I like to use this to smudge out liner or shadow on my lash liner. It really works beautifully, very pleased! 
RRP: £14.50

Myface Cosmetics Blingtone in Sp'ice'y.
This is a beautiful brown shade with chunks of silver glitter running through it. It looks great for going out with as a smokey eye when going out. Although I had quite a bit of fall out from the glitter. Still a great product though and like to use.
Definitely considering buying a couple of other shades as I saw an offer on Myface Cosmetics in boots the other day, I hope they're still on offer!
RRP: £9.99

Diego Dalla Palmer Lipstick in 32,
Never heard of this brand before, but I'm glad I've been introduced to it! I swatched this lipstick quickly and it's so highly pigmented with a gorgeous vanilla scent. I'm a bit wary of wearing this on the lips though as it's not a colour I would normally go for.
RRP: £14 (for full sized) would love to try another shade because they are so pigmented and beautifully scented, however £14 is a bit steep for me! I'll have to see when I'm feeling a bit careless, eheh :) 

White Glo Toothpaste;
This may sound peculiar but I'm quite pleased I got this because it is random, but it's something I could still used. I've been using Pearldrops and found my teeth have become increasingly sensitive, so I shall have to give this a go!
RRP: £4.07 (for a full size in boots)

Yardley London Peony Fragrance;
This scent really isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid! Think it's another one I'll have to give to my mum! 

Overall Opinion:
The packaging is a bit awkward, it's the type of box that gets sort of like suction (because there isn't a hole for the air apparently) so it's a bit of a job to undo, unless you pull the sides away to bend it a bit out of shape, then it's alright!
I am pleased with the variety of this box, but I must admit I wasn't as excited for it as I was for the Feelunique box I had. However, thinking about it, there is a lot more I'll be able to put to use on a regular-ish basis so it makes it more practical. Will I keep my subscription? Yes, I'm going to get one more box to see if it's really what I'm after in a beauty box.

Boxes are £10 per month + £2.75 p&p.
Want to try Carmine out for yourself? Subscribe here.

*UPDATE* Got an email today saying that Carmine has joined forces with Glossybox, so the Carmine Box is no more! Yet another monthly beauty box subscription that closes after I get one box! Starting to feel like I have the kiss of death or something! :( Now I'm going to have to try and decide what box I want to try next, which I'm finding rather difficult. RIP Carmine! :(


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  2. I love seeing reviews on sample boxes. We can't get this box in the US, but I do receive MyGlam bag, Birchbox, TheLookBag, and Conscious box, and I post reviews on them monthly. Come check out my page some time!
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    1. Wow you get quite a few! Thanks for following, I'll check you blog out now :) xo.