Monday, 26 March 2012

MUA Immaculate Palette: Swatches & Review

Hiya, I know I'm a bit late posting this, as the palette has been out since October '11, but it's worth a review none the less, as some people are a bit wary of buying cheaper brands.  

Here is a photo of the back of the palette, it has a great little 'Mini Master Class' for a Green Smoulder look. I thought this was a great little add on.
All the colours have been named by numbers, which is unlike the smaller palettes they do.

Here are the the pans with the shade numbers that I think you can just about make out. I couldn't take a good enough picture so had to do a bit of a bodge job on photoshop, that's why the pans are different sizes, woops!
Row one: Shades 1 - 8.
All colours were highly pigmented except for the matte black (shade 4) which as you can see isn't as pigmented and would need some building up to achieve a dark black.

Row 2: Shades 9 - 16.
 All colours had great pigmentation except shade 9, I found this colour a little weak, however with a primer it might improve. It's also quite close to my skin tone which doesn't help.

Row 3: Shades 17 - 24.
 Again, all shades had great pigmentation, except for shade 23, which I really had to try hard with to get some colour out of it. The white, shade 20, also wasn't great and you can't really notice it on my skin tone.

1)Most colours have good, if not great colour pay off and pigmentation
2)Packaging feels quite sturdy and not so cheap looking
3)There's a mix between matte & shimmer shades, which is great for day or night looks, and a good variety of colour.
4)Price is excellent for the quality of the palette.

Matte shades are definitely not as pigmented as the shimmery shades.
Staying power isn't fab, some sort of primer or base is needed.

So overall, this is a great palette, for the price it's worth having. There are so many beautiful shades, with numerous colour combinations you can't go wrong! 

RRP: £8 found at superdrug and MUA online.



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