Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lush: Mini Haul of Samples & Brief Review

I was searching eBay for some samples to try out, 
Here I got 10 samples for £5.34, which works out about 53p per sample which is great as they're good size samples.

Smells of strawberry & vanilla goodness! You can get about two baths out of this sample.
 I already have this product in its full size so I'm giving this to my cousin to try out.
RRP: £2.45/100g
Smells lovely and vanillary. Used half of this the night I got it and it definitely made my skin feel moisturised and smooth.
Unfortunately, this was just for Christmas, which is such a shame as this is a really lovely product! :( 

Unfortunately I really don't like the smell of this, which is a shame!
RRP: £4.10/100g

This is for dandruffy hair, you can really smell the lavender in it. I gave this to my boyfriends sister because she was telling me about her hair issues. She said it worked after her first use, although we found that on her hair it smelt a bit like organic dog food? Bit strange, but f it does the job, can't complain!
RRP: £4.50/55g

Really love the smell of this, I can't explain what it smells like, but the internet says its Jasmine, Mandarin & Vanilla. There are some bad reviews of this soap on the Lush website, so it will be interesting to see how it works for me personally.
RRP: £3/100g

This is taped shut so I'm a bit worried to open it in case I can't close it again so haven't been able to have a sniff of it yet, however their website says it contains cinnamon and ginger, sounds nice and Christmassy. 
This has been discontinued, so lets hope I don't fall in love with this one and get disappointed! 

This smells so amazing, I used a tiny bit (a tiny bit goes a long way with this product because it's so thick) on my nails and cuticles and seriously the smell, it's so gorgeous! This made my sore dry cuticles feel nourished and moisturised, got a feeling this will be a repurchase! Although I can see this tiny pot lasting my quite a while.
RRP: £5.95/50g

Quite frankly, I'm scared to use these, their website says they contain wasabi! Although reading the reviews say they don't taste that bad and give you good fresh breath. The don't smell inviting! Might just have to risk it.
RRP: £2.75/12g

Again, bit scared to use these too. Reviews on their website they have a bit of a strange taste, but some one did say they made their teeth look whiter. I'm currently using Pearl drops as my toothpaste and finding my teeth getting increasingly sensitive. Think I might have to take a plunge and just try them!
RRP: £2/12g

This is the one product I really wanted to try in Lush but thought it was a bit pricey. (I know I'm such a Scrooge!) I tried some the other day and seriously the taste, I could just eat it out of the tub. It makes your lips feel so smooth and then you can just lick it off and eat it after! It's great. Will really have to keep this out of the way of the boyfriend as he likes to bite my lip balms and eat them if they taste nice (weirdo!) and he will definitely enjoy eating this one if he finds it, lol!
RRP: £4.95/25g

That's the end of my mini haul and brief review! Let me know if you want anything reviewed in depth.



  1. I love this scrub, but I do end up eating it most of the time! I think it's worth the money, it lasts ages, as you only need a small amount!

    Kate x

  2. it does taste yummy! I might have to buy it then when this sample runs out! :)


  3. I love the Bubblegum lip scrub! Works amazing and like Kate said you just cant help but Eat it! Seriously crubs a sugar craving! haha!

    1. I love it too! It certainly leaves your lips feeling softer. :) xo.

  4. I like the bubblegum lip scrub. :)