Friday, 25 November 2011

E.L.F: Punk Purple Studio Cream Eyeliner & Normal Lengthening & Defining Mascara Review + EOTD

I felt kind of mean writing off the E.L.F Punk Purple Cream Eyeliner & 

Line Lengthening & Defining Mascara, so I thought I'd give it a go!

Sorry for the blurryness! Also taken in normal daylight
The products:

Sleek Palette in Au Naturel in Nougat - all over the eye

E.L.F Studio Line Cream eyeliner in Punk Purple - Winged Eyeliner

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black - Winged but thinly by  the lash line

E.L.F Normal Line Lengthening & Defining Mascara in Black - Upper and lower lashes

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light - brow bone
(and some random dark brown eyeshadow to define my brows)

Now for the reviews:

E.L.F Studio Line Cream eyeliner in Punk Purple: 
I know first off I wasn't impressed, but when I actually gave it a go, it really surprised me! I used the little brush that came with it, and applied it like normal gel liner, okay, so the pigmentation wasn't great so I needed to kind of pack it on, but it was so smooth and really beautiful applies.  I really really love the colour! My eyes are a bluey-greeney-grey colour with light brown around the iris, so the purple reaaaaally brings out the green! Love it! Plus with having to build the colour up, it still looks smooth on the eye and doesn't feel heavy at all, which was good too!

 RRP: £3.50

E.L.F Normal Line Lengthening & Defining Mascara in Black: 

This mascara is an alright product for £1.50, but it does'nt really lengthen and define in my opinion. My eyelashes are pretty long, they went through a stage of being short where I used to wear false eyelashes everyday, (not good!) but now they have grown back fuller and longer :) I'm not really impressed with this but it's a good product just to use on the lower lash line, as it isn't too thick in consistency.

 RRP: £1.50

Overall, I really like the eyeliner but not so loving the mascara! If there are any other products you'd like me to review then please let me know! Until next time, love love