Monday, 25 November 2013

Models Own: Haul!

Hello my lovlies :)
Today I have for you a Models Own haul. A little while back they had a 6 for £20 code, I couldn't pass up the chance, and unsurprisingly to most all but one are glittery! 

Here is Obsidian, it's a beautiful black with chunks of gold glitter with little glitter pieces. It has a velvet lid as it's part of the 'Velvet Goth' range.

Here is Valerian, a stunning dark blue base with medium and small pieces of blue glitter. I'm currently wearing this as it was the big 50th anniversary of Doctor Who yesterday! Did you watch it? It was amaaaazing! This has a dark blue velvet lid as it's part of the 'Velvet Goth' range too.

Here is the ever so popular, Utopia. I thought it was going to be a lot more neutral but it's a sort of dusky pink colour. Beautiful none the less! I bought this to wear with the next to glitter polishes.

Here is Snowflakes. It is super super stunning! It's got big shards or iridescent glitter. It looks like huge shards of ice! So beautiful. This is part of the Wonderland collection, couldn't pass this up! Can't wait to wear this at Christmas.

This is Jack Frost, it's packed full of iridescent glitter. I'm considering wearing this for Christmas too, decisions! 

This is Mermaid Tears from the Splash collection. I could not, not buy this! I love mermaids :) It super super pretty. It's like a summer version of Snowflakes. It's in a pale purple base, which the camera doesn't pick up. It has big blue shards of glitteryness. :)

Now this all should of come to £30/£25 (if you buy 5 on the website you save £5), but it was just £20 with the code! Even with just a £5 it was worth it in my eyes. I will post up swatches soon. If you want to see any reviews then let me know! 

I'm not to sure what will be next. maybe the E.L.F Baked eyeshadow palette from my haul?
Until next time! 

Here is a photo of my little helper, Milo :) When ever I'm blogging in the conservatory he always comes to see what I'm up to! I'm a bit confused as to where he found that plastic on his nose! 



  1. That is a very nice collection of nail polishes. :) Mermaids tears looks like a dream. And what a cute little dog you have! :D

    1. Thank you :) It really is! It's seriously like mermaid scales, it's stunning <3 Thank you! I shall tell him you said that, I'm sure he will be pleased :) ehe! xo.