Friday, 15 July 2011


Hey guys, I have a rather busy day today, I went to Morrisons this morning and I've just got back, so now I've gotta get things ready for my boyfriend's sister's birthday presents! I love birthdays so much but they work out so expensive! Super annoying. So while I have a few minutes I took a picture of my eye make up for you;

And this is a picture of my whole face. Unfortunately, whenever I take a picture of my face from the front, my nose always looks wonky?It's getting worse as I get older. I've never really understood it, lol! 
Anywaaaay, here's a list of products used.
E45 moisturiser.
Rimmel lasting finish foundation in 'Ivory'.
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35
E.L.F mineral blush colour 'Bliss'
E.L.F shimmer palette as a highlighter (above cheekbones and brow bone.)
E.l.F all over cover stick in 'Apricot Beige' over my blemishes.

E.L.F shimmer palette on inner corners.
Bella Pierre pigment in 'Champagne' all over lid & 'Harmony' on the out corners and blended in.
E.L.F Cream eye liner in 'black' to line to liner upper lash line and lover lash line.
Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara in 'Black' (mine is waterproof, purely because of it being the summer here so it's less likely to smudge etc. due to being wax based :) )
E.L.F Treat and tame in 'light' on my eyebrows.

Hope you like it, feel free to ask my any q's!
 I bought the Beauty UK silver and gold shatter polishes yesterday when I was supposed to be buying birthday presents for my boyfriend.. Woops! I shall try and review them and come up with some colour combo's either this weekend of the beginning on the week. :)

See you all sooon! 
Love love xoxo.


  1. wow you are basically pro at winged eye liner

  2. Thank you :) I've been doing my winged liner for about 4 years now, so I've had a lot of practise! :) Thanks for commenting xoxo.